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Free digital dictionary helps find fast definitions, synonyms and more

Free digital dictionary helps find fast definitions, synonyms and more
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It's a big enough pain to search the house for a dusty old dictionary to find a word's meaning, never mind tracking down that thesaurus you used once or twice in the past couple of decades to find a synonym. Of course, there are all sorts of online dictionaries and thesauruses, but even those don't come close to the ease of using an offline, growing database of words with their definitions, synonyms and a whole lot more.

That's where Artha Portable comes in. It's a thesaurus that downloads in minutes and is then instantly accessible by touching a few hotkeys.

We're not talking about some bare-bones thesaurus with just a few synonyms for the most popular words in the English language. Artha Portable is an open-source database, meaning users are continually updating it with words and their meanings, synonyms, antonyms and much more.

It's based on WordNet, which boasts multiple meanings for countless words by interlinking similar words together. WordNet also includes some cool, albeit hit or miss, information about how common or uncommon a word is.

Once you type a word directly into Artha Portable or highlight a word on the web, that word's definition pops up in a blue and gray box. In most cases synonyms also pop up and so do antonyms. You might also get derivatives, attributes, similar terms and in some cases things you never heard of, like hypernyms, that make sense when you see them explained on your computer screen.

Artha Portable also gives you everyday explanations of what words mean. When you look up the word "lady," for instance, alongside its definition and synonym is a "Kind Of" explanation for what it means. In this case, that includes: kind of "Female Aristocrat."

After you download Artha Portable (see instructions below), the database of words works offline. To search for definitions and synonyms, you don't have to log into the internet because it's right there on your computer screen.

In fact, you can get the definition and more for any word on any website with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+W. Or you can type a word directly into Artha Portable. You can also set it up so words' meanings pop up as an onscreen balloon, also known as a passive notification.

Download instructions

Click the blue button below to visit the Artha Portable page on PortableApps.com. Once there, click on the "Download Now" button.

The download wizard takes just a few clicks to get through, but with some options along the way. For example, you can choose to hide Artha Portable so you don't see it when you aren't using it.

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