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5 free Windows 10 downloads you can't miss!

If you've been using a PC for a while, you probably know that you can add software, like photo editors, graphics programs, productivity apps and much more. What you might not know is that Microsoft also has tons of free software programs. Here, I've rounded up five of my favorites.
Downloads: Desktop Tools
October 18, 2018

Senior System Administrator

You will lead the development and maintenance of the infrastructure at WestStar Multimedia. You will provision virtual machines, maintain images & backups, maintain chef cookbooks…
October 18, 2018


DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES You will be the lead developer for WestStar and report directly to the CEO. You will work very closely with the marketing…
October 18, 2018

Hurricanes like Michael may become the new normal 

It is no secret! Scientists are concerned with the new trend of high-powered, rapidly intensifying hurricanes like Michael. These hurricanes, which appear once in a blue moon, are now threatening to become a regular cause of havoc in the US. Let's dive in and explore...
Tips: Home/Lifestyle/Travel October 18, 2018

Update this browser now for important malware and hacker protection tools

No matter what browser you use, updates are always a good idea. But this particular popular browser has had negative feedback on a prior update that basically stored things like your browsing history, passwords and bookmarks on the server. This left you vulnerable to hacks and malware. This latest update will fix all that but you have to do it now.
Happening Now: Security & Privacy October 18, 2018

Deepfake videos have new tech you need to know about

Fake news is spreading like wildfire. It can take many forms and the latest, known as Deepfake, is the scariest. It is in essence a technique that uses facial mapping, artificial intelligence and deep machine learning to create ultra-realistic fake videos of people saying and doing things that they haven't actually done. And the worst part is: this technology is improving!
Happening Now: Technology October 18, 2018

Apple XR: Is the new low-cost iPhone worth the money?

Since the launch of the iPhone X and iPhone XS, everyone's been talking about their great features and thinking about getting one. But spending a grand on a new phone might not be in your budget. That's why Apple designed a low-cost iPhone XR to give us another option for a brand new phone. But does it have all the bells and whistles you're expecting?
Happening Now: Technology October 17, 2018

A beautiful modern Bible app for your phone

The technological revolution has brought tech to almost every aspect of our lives. From the way we eat, sleep, get around, or even organize our lives, it can all be done using technology. But now a company has developed an app that changes even the way we pray. This beautifully elegant bible app allows you to do so much more than just read scripture, and it might change the way you teach your kids or grandkids about the story it tells and the lessons it teaches.
Apps: Smartphones October 17, 2018

7 things sabotaging your sleep you didn’t know until now

A good night's sleep is one of our most precious resources and it's really obvious when the well runs dry. Insomnia can impact every aspect of your life, making your daytime experiences feel more like a nightmare as you drag your sleepy self through life. There are many potential causes for sleep problems, but sometimes the culprits are hiding in plain sight. They could be lurking in that snack you ate, in the bright lights of your alarm clock, or with your smartphone.
Tips: Home/Lifestyle/Travel October 17, 2018
medical data

8 ways to protect yourself from a medical data breach

Living in a high-tech world where the minutia of our lives is digitized has a lot of consequences when it comes to our personal data. One of the most sensitive types of data is our medical information, which can range from insurance documents to personal data on medical care and conditions.
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy October 17, 2018
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