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target store

Target's new Photoshop fail is even weirder than the first

You've got to see Target's ridiculous Photoshop fail.

A ridiculous, nightmare Photoshop fail

Photoshop is an amazing tool to have when editing photos. But, wherever there is Photoshop, there's bound to be a Photoshop fail. I've showed you…

You won't believe Target's pathetic Photoshop fail

I've shown you some unbelievable Photoshop transformations. But this one is shocking for all the wrong reasons. Your jaw will hit the floor when you see what one…
Happening Now
March 11, 2014
march madness

Wisconsin fans are NOT happy about being Photoshopped into Duke fans

I'm a proud ASU Sun Devil, and the thought of my image being Photoshopped without my permission to make me cheer for another school makes…

Photoshop turns 25: See the most famous altered images ever

The game-changing photo-editing program Photoshop just turned 25, and in that time it's tweaked, massaged or outright changed just about every professional image you've seen.…
Jennifer in Paradise

The first ever Photoshopped image

This unassuming, beautiful photo marks more than an exotic beach on Bora Bora and an exotic woman enjoying it. "Jennifer in Paradise" marks the first Photoshopped…

Psychologist: You should be Photoshopping your dating pictures

When you're online dating, you want to put your best face forward. And for some people, that means Photoshopping your online dating profile pictures. Dr.…
model in pjs

See the new fashion ads that have everyone buzzing - for the right reasons

These days, there's not an advertisment, magazine or book cover that hasn't been digitally altered in some way, shape or form. And digitally modifying, a…

A big black eye: See the viral photo that everyone is talking about

Note: Wasn't sure if this would make a good pitch or not, but I have some time, so if we use it, great, if not, oh well...

How do crooks break into iCloud-locked iPhones? Let's take a look

What do you do if you lose your iPhone? First, get on Find My iPhone and track it down, and if that doesn't work then you can remotely wipe it. But even with these fail-safes and protections, hackers always seem to find a way to get in. You won't believe how they are doing it this time.
Happening Now: Security & Privacy February 9, 2019
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