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Negative feedback

Congress moves to protect your negative online reviews

We've reported in the past about companies suing or fining consumers over negative online reviews. We even told you how you can make reviews that…
Happening Now: Social Media November 5, 2015
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Another hotel fines people for leaving bad online reviews

What in the world ever happened to free speech? Remember the New York hotel that fined guests $500 for leaving negative reviews online? It's not…
Happening Now November 21, 2014

Use this site to weed out fake product reviews online

When shopping online, many of us rely on reviews to help make our buying decisions. The question is, how can we know which reviews are real and which are fake? This online tool can help you sift through all the bogus reviews and bring forward the true ones.

How to spot fake product reviews online

Say you're doing a little online shopping and run across a product that looks amazing. Before you buy, though, you want to make sure it's a good-quality product that works as advertised. The big question is "How?" You'll want to look at the product reviews online. But be careful. Not all of these reviews are real.
Tips: Money Making and Saving
May 13, 2017

This is why you shouldn't lie in online restaurant reviews

Do you rely on star ratings from Yelp or Google? These services are easy ways to find out if you'll get decent service and food…
Happening Now: Social Media March 27, 2015
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5 free ways to screen people online

Screening potential employees or business partners is easy to do yourself if you know where to start. You could pay a service to do background checks but with so much information available at your fingertips for free, why not start there? We've got 5 free sites you can use to do just that.
Small Business: Human Resources August 15, 2019

You can be sued for posting a negative online review

Online reviews are a blessing and a curse. When they’re glowing, a single review can boost business and improve morale. A bad review can be hurtful and drive away customers. Since many reviews are anonymous, the web is full of unfiltered vitriol, and people are getting savvy that you cannot trust negative reviews. But be careful, some businesses are fighting back by filing lawsuits.
Columns: Tips and Tricks July 27, 2019

Think before you post that negative review of a business online - you could get sued

If you've ever felt burned enough to leave a negative review on a business page, a popular form of a lawsuit might make you think twice before posting online. Here's what you need to know about SLAPP suits, and how some companies are using them to suppress speech they're not fond of.
Happening Now: Social Media July 22, 2019

Find software reviews and downloads for your small business needs

If you are looking to improve your brand's online presence or just find the software that will fit your needs, then this free site can help you do just that. Capterra compiles user reviews and detailed lists of products and services so you don't have to do all the research. It could be a real game-changer for your small business.

Amazon flooded with fake reviews

Fake reviews on Amazon have been a plague for years. Sadly, the problem seems to be getting worse. A recent study shows an unbelievable amount of reviews are actually fake, especially with tech products. Read this article and we'll tell you about the disturbing study and how to spot fake reviews.
Happening Now: Online Shopping April 18, 2019
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