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Critical Microsoft and Adobe security holes you need to patch now

Microsoft and Adobe have just released updates you can't afford to miss. A number of these flaws are publicly known and can potentially get your computer taken over by hackers. I'm going to share with you important steps you need to take now to avoid leaving your computer and tablet at risk for hacks.
Happening Now: Security & Privacy November 19, 2017

Amazon unveils new touchscreen Echo Show!

Big news from Amazon! The Echo has just received a brand new upgrade, and now includes a two-way video touchscreen. But that's just scratching the surface for what it can do. You have to see all of the Echo's new features!

10 most popular TV shows of 2017

Have you noticed how great of a year it's been for television programming? There are so many good shows nowadays that some people believe we're in another golden era for TV. Since it's the end of the year, let's countdown the top 10 most popular shows.

Super Bowl 51: All the drones that stole the show

You saw it. You wondered how it happened. I know it because we’re a lot alike. I have the inside scoop that details how they pulled off the amazing special effects in the light show above the stadium. You'll be surprised when you learn the tech involved in the performance.
the daily show

Nearly every book ever plugged on 'The Daily Show' is on deep discount today on Amazon

Last night was Jon Stewart's last night on "The Daily Show." Did you watch it? Over the years, he's had dozens of authors on his…

New Netflix show will be the second most expensive show ever

Cable could be dead and gone before we know it - especially if Netflix has anything to do with it. The streaming powerhouse is already…

Donald Trump's site was hacked in a tribute to Jon Stewart

Nobody is safe from hackers, not even The Donald. The presidential candidate's site was defaced by hackers last week, but it wasn't a political statement.…

Top shows to devour on Netflix

How do you watch Netflix? Do you shamelessly watch an entire season of a show in a month? A week? One sitting? Don't worry. You're not alone. Netflix has released its Binge Scale, which shows us which programs you’ll savor, and which you’ll devour in one sitting.

Apple's iPhone 8 WILL go on sale in September but with big shortages

There's been a whirlwind of rumors swirling around about when Apple's next iPhone will hit the market. Now, we have a better idea of the timeframe, but Apple fans aren't going to like it. If you're anxiously waiting for the iPhone 8, you still may wind up waiting even longer.
Happening Now: Smartphone/Tablets/Computers
March 27, 2017
Christmas Gifts

Which product stole the show this Christmas?

Christmas has already come and gone, and based on shopping trends, there was a clear fan favorite this holiday season. Amazon is claiming one of its products had record-breaking sales. Was it under your Christmas tree? If not, don't worry. Here's how you can get one of these amazing devices for your family.
Happening Now: Online Shopping December 27, 2016
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