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New iPhone 7 rumors are swirling

You're going to love some of the new features on the iPhone 7. Speculation about Apple's latest smartphone has been circulating for months, but the latest leaks are truly surprising. Here's a hint: One huge feature may be leaving.

More iPhone 7 rumors, features and leaked photos!

September can't come fast enough! If you're like me, you probably can't wait until the new iPhone 7 is released. Whether you're upgrading this year, or are just curious to see what Apple has in store for its new lineup, I've got you covered.

iPhone 7 rumors: New colors, feature options, and more

There are officially 85 days until fall. That means there are at least 85 more days, probably more, of wondering what in the world Apple has in store for us with the next iPhone. And Apple is fanning the flames to get you excited. There are a few things we already know, but now, there are three more rumors you’ll want to hear.

Apple rumors: New photo shows iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus models!

Wow, this is exciting! Everyone has been talking about the iPhone 8, but it looks like Apple has even more surprises up its sleeve. A new photo has been leaked that shows side-by-side models of three different iPhones. Could a 7s model be coming after all? You have to see these photos!

Apple set to release a cheap, affordable iPhone

If it's been a while since you bought a new smartphone, brace yourself. The sticker shock will alarm you as prices have been skyrocketing. If you’re an Apple fan the latest iPhone could run you up to $1,500. Ouch! There is some good news though, a new iPhone is in the works that will be surprisingly affordable.

Is your iPhone charging slower than it used to? This is the reason why

Consumer Reports states that for the first time in recent years, Apple beat out Samsung and Google in its latest smartphone ratings. The iPhone 11 Pro Max came in first place, but all is not rosy in iPhone land. It seems wireless charging speeds are slower than they used to be and we have the answer why.

Buying an iPhone 11? Here's what your wireless carrier doesn't want you to know

If buying the latest iPhone is a priority for you, you'll want to know the best possible location to get it for the least amount of money. But, despite being among the first to have the devices in stock, your carrier might be leaving out a key detail about what you can do with your device if you buy from them. Here are the details on what the nation's wireless carriers don't want you to find out.

Everything you need to know about the new iPhone 11

How much has changed in the past year for iPhone exactly? If you're thinking about making the switch to the latest offerings from Apple's mobile designers, here's what you need to know about new features, new software and how the hardware stacks up against the previous reigning champions of the smartphone world.

iPhone 11 is here! All the details and everything else Apple just announced

Apple's highly anticipated fall event is finally here, and you'll want to know all the latest details on upcoming products and services, high-tech features and design flares that only Tim Cook and company can bring to the table. Here's everything we know about Apple's fall release schedule, along with a few surprises we didn't see coming.
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September 10, 2019

New iPhone rumors: Everything we know so far

September is traditionally a big month for Apple since many of its launch keynotes have taken place at this time. And this year is looking to be no exception. We're expecting a phone-related event taking place during the month with a launch to follow. But what kind of phone are we talking about, exactly? We answer this question and more with the latest iPhone hints and rumors from around the web.
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