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Yes, now there are actual flamethrowers you can attach to drones

Drones are one of those inventions that people from 20 years ago would have never seen coming. Sure, many of us anticipated robots to be present in some form, but nobody could have expected that they'd be able to fly. Now, for the first time, drones will be able to do something for ordinary consumers that they've never been able to do officially: shoot fire. Is our society really ready for flying, flame-spitting robots? Or is the whole thing bound to crash and burn?
Happening Now: Technology July 20, 2019

RoboCop reality: robots and drone patrols coming to your neighborhood

If you visit Huntington Park near Los Angeles, CA anytime soon, you might be surprised to see robots roaming the sidewalks! Police have revealed their first automated patrol robot to help assist the department with monitoring parks and public spaces. Meanwhile, a major tech company is bringing the power of surveillance to the people by allowing homeowners to keep an eye on their property from the skies above. Are we truly ready to sacrifice our privacy in the name of technological progress?
Happening Now: Technology June 23, 2019

Watch the skies as drones plan to deliver your fast food faster

The idea of drones delivering packages to consumers has been around for a few years. But delivering to urban areas is proving to be a challenge. Uber Eats thinks it might have finally cracked the urban delivery code and hot, fresh food could soon be on the way.
Happening Now: Technology June 13, 2019

Look, up in the sky! It's my package. Amazon to start drone delivery 'within months'

In 2013, Amazon announced radical new plans for its next-generation delivery system: unmanned, autonomous aerial drones that deliver packages in record time. These miniature robots would be able to ship cargo from warehouse to doorstep faster than mail carriers can. For the first time in history, a major company will be working to standardize robot delivery on a massive scale -- and Americans will be among the first to see it in action. Though it sounds futuristic, it's coming sooner than you think.

Read this if you have a Chinese-built drone, DHS sounds alarms

Despite their popularity in both consumer and professional fields, drones have recently fallen under scrutiny from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The government has noticed concerning patterns of data use coming from Chinese-made drones -- and they're sounding the alarms for American drone owners to take a closer look at their favorite aerial robots. If you own a drone with components made in China, you may want to think twice before connecting it to your smartphone or device. Once your data is in hands overseas, there's no way of knowing how it will be used.
Happening Now: Technology May 21, 2019

Drone delivers organ to transplant patient

Organ transplants are serious business. Not only is the waiting list long, but logistics behind this life-saving process often leave many patients with delays and complications. Well, transplant patients may have found the answer in an unlikely place: aerial drones. Unlike transportation by ambulance, drones can avoid traffic and obstacles using flight, as well as allow hospital staff to remotely monitor the condition and temperature of their precious cargo. Will this revolutionize organ transplants?
Happening Now: Technology May 1, 2019

Own a drone? FAA has new rules

Drones are now quickly becoming commonplace. You no longer have to have tens of thousands of dollars to own one. Well, now that they're everywhere, the government will start to get more and more involved. Here is what you need to know about what the FAA is mandating for drones.
Happening Now: Technology February 20, 2019

Kim's Take: Even with government back in business, America is completely unprepared to protect airlines and passengers from low cost hobby drones

No time to read? Listen to this story in one minute: America’s politicians have been so busy quibbling about walls and the shutdown that they’ve completely…
Columns: Future Tech January 28, 2019

One maker's drones are dropping from the sky

Drones have become more and more prevalent in the modern world, with everyone from Google to Amazon using them for everyday tasks. But, when you want them at home for personal use, it's hard to know which one is the best to buy. Recently, one brand has been having some serious issues with its drones as they seem to be dropping straight out of the sky. This might not be the drone you want to get.
Happening Now: Technology November 1, 2018

Shocking video: Watch what happens when a drone crashes into an airplane

Flying can be a scary experience for some of us. It's that fear of the unknown and the perceived danger that really can terrify us. Now with the advent and popularization of drones, it seems that that chance of potential accidents increased. That's why the University of Dayton Research Institute has performed a study that shows just how damaging drones can be to aircraft. What the video shows might shock or scare you.
Happening Now: Technology October 22, 2018
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