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Watch out! Using Edge to download Chrome is a mistake

Most people don't use Microsoft Edge very often. It just doesn't have the same ease of use or features of Chrome or Firefox. Well,...
Happening Now October 30, 2018

Update this browser now for important malware and hacker protection tools

No matter what browser you use, updates are always a good idea. But this particular popular browser has had negative feedback on a prior...
Happening Now October 18, 2018

Write with confidence using this new Google Chrome extension

This amazing Google Chrome Extension can help you Tweet or update your Facebook status like a pro writer. Grammarly checks all your writing for...
Downloads October 3, 2018

You can opt out of Google Chrome snafu

It seems like Google has heard the complaints of so many recently and just might do something about. The Google Chrome auto login feature...
Happening Now September 27, 2018

Save money using these Chrome plugins

Save money on all of your online purchases with these easy-to-use applications for Google Chrome.
Tips September 19, 2018

Is your browser secure? See if it needs updating

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. What do all these things have in common? They're all web browsers, and they all...
Cool Sites August 14, 2018

With this portable tool, your web browser goes with you

If you are in the group of people who would prefer to have some level of browsing secrecy (and given how information gets leaked...
Downloads July 10, 2018

Are you a data breach victim? Here are new and easy ways to find out

With massive data breaches seemingly happening every day, securing our personal accounts and information against hackers is as critical as ever. Just recently, the massive Exactis...
Happening Now July 5, 2018

Firefox is back, and ready to take on Chrome

Do you ever find yourself staring at your device, waiting for a page to load? That can be extremely frustrating and a huge waste...
Happening Now June 24, 2018

Slow computer? Open Chrome tabs might be to blame

If you think about it, it's amazing how fast technology develops in such a short period of time. The first home computer that I...
Happening Now June 22, 2018
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