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Say cheese! 10 best photo editing apps for Android

When it comes to editing photos, Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular choices around and for good reason. It’s been around for years and lets you tweak average images into works of art. The problem is Photoshop is expensive. Real expensive.

If you are a professional photographer you might go ahead and shell out the money for Photoshop. If so, you’ll want to know insider tricks to make the most of it. Tap or click here for five ways to speed up Photoshop.

But for the rest of us who don’t want to pay outrageous amounts to edit photos, there are plenty of low-cost and even free photo editing options out there. Here is a list of the best 10 best apps for Android that we could find.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is exactly what it sounds like it is: Photoshop’s mobile app. It has all the features you know and love, like a wide variety of tools and effects, the ability to design collages and even make stickers. For the low, low price of free, Adobe Photoshop Express is just a download away.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera is Photoshop’s answer to Snapchat and the entire photo-filter craze. For the price of free, Adobe Photoshop Camera brings tons of camera filters to play with, tons of real-time Photoshop effects and even influencer-inspired lens options for the budding Gen Z’er inside you.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is the final piece of the Adobe photo editing app trilogy. Once again for free, Adobe Lightroom brings light and color focused photo editing to your phone. Lightroom comes with a host of easy-to-use quick photo editing tools as well as a more professional-style camera you can tweak advanced controls for.


PicsArt is a photo editing juggernaut with over a billion downloads. The ad-supported free app is an all-in-one photo and video editor. From filters to sticker and collage making to photo editing tools and effects to a whole host of video-editing features. PicsArt is truly the creative person’s one-stop-shop for making digital media on-the-go.


Snapseed, though it may not sound like it, this is Google’s answer for professional photo editing on-the-go. This free app comes with 29 tools and filters you can use to tweak photos to your heart’s content on your Android device. Going further, all styles and filter brushes can be tweaked for fine-grain control.

Google Photos

Google Photos is Google’s primary photo editing app for Android. What you may not expect is that entirely for free you can use Google Photos to back up an unlimited amount of photos, edit pictures with an advanced editing suite, smart automatic albums and much more. Google Photos is much more than just a photo editor and it’s just a download away.


Pixlr is a free ad-supported photo editing app, with optional premium subscriptions where you don’t even need an account to get started. Everything from filters to tools and styles, color adjustments, text, effects and tons of overlays to a variety of social media integrations so you can share photos immediately are available on Pixlr.


VSCO is a free photo and video editing app where you can use presets to import and edit photos. You can transform videos, too, with the same high-quality VSCO photo presets. The free version of the app is limited to 10 presets while the premium membership, which comes with a 7-day free trial, has over 200 to choose from.


Fotor is a free, ad-supported online video editing program with over 350 million users that has brought its functionality to Android with an app of the service’s own. Fotor has been called Photoshop Lite because of how easy it is to use. Check out the app’s insane number of features from effects and filters to stickers and borders to collages and more.

Photo Effects Pro

Photo Effects Pro is something of a misnomer: this is a photo editing app designed with simplicity in mind, not power users. Photo Effects Pro has a variety of easy to apply edits and features, like superframes, masks, filters, stickers, cards, blending and collages that can be implemented in just a few taps. What’s more, is the app is entirely free.

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