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Home security tip: How to monitor gun safes, medicine cabinets, workshops and more

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

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Smart home products aren’t new to the market, but they are becoming more affordable to make your daily life safer and easier.

If you’re new to the smart home game, start with a must for keeping your home protected 24/7. Our sponsor, SimpliSafe. Those old-school security companies that send a pushy salesperson to your door with a three-year contract and installers are so 20 years ago.

It’s easy to choose your system online and set it up yourself in under an hour. But what should you make sure to add to your cart? We’ll show you five sensors you need to protect your home from intruders, fires, water damage and more.

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1. Entry sensor on a medicine cabinet

Entry sensors are a no-brainer on doors and windows, but what about other places you don’t want anyone else accessing?

Kim once had an incident where someone working in her home took medication from her mother’s medicine cabinet without her knowledge. That’s why she added a SimpliSafe sensor, so she never has to worry about someone snooping and stealing again.

You or someone you live with is likely to be prescribed a controlled medication at some point. Simply placing a sensor on the door to your medication cabinet will allow you to get alerts sent to your phone whenever the cabinet is opened.

2. Water sensor

What’s the worst feeling in the world? Getting a call that your home flooded, or even worse, returning after hours of water pouring into your home.

What if day or night, home or away, you could be alerted immediately if water started accumulating where it shouldn’t? With a water sensor, you can do just that. The sensor will send off an alert whenever it comes into contact with water, allowing you to respond quickly and avoid extensive, costly damage.

3. Entry sensors on safes and weapon cabinets

As we said earlier, entry sensors can do much more than protect your home’s physical entrances. Anything you use to store weapons, important documents or money could use more protection.

Worried your kids might find their way into a locked cabinet? Place a sensor on the cabinet and receive alerts whenever it is opened. Concerned about an intruder stealing your valuables? Add a sensor.

4. Freeze sensor

If you live in a colder climate, you know the stress of worrying over your pipes when winter hits. SimpliSafe’s freeze sensors detect when your home’s internal temperate drops below 41°F. Placing the sensor in the basement or as close to the pipes as possible will give the most accurate reading. This one is a must if you live in certain parts of the country.

5. Glassbreak sensor

A glassbreak sensor is just what it sounds like: It detects the unique sound of breaking glass that signals someone is trying to enter your home.

If you live in a home with many windows, a glass door or multiple floors where you may not hear glass breaking in some locations, consider placing a glassbreak sensor in your home. Glassbreak sensors are particularly effective in multi-story homes where sound may not travel well between floors.

So, what should you order? We love all of these options. The right mix depends on your needs, home, family and what you need to feel safe. Our advice? There’s no such thing as “too safe.” Every one of these sensors goes a long way in protecting your home.

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