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7 clever new uses for your smart doorbell camera

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

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Smart doorbell cameras add a ton of value to your life. Not only do they make you feel more secure in your home, but they can deter criminals, too. If you let a burglar know you’re watching them, they may be too spooked to try anything.

Plus, you can watch over your loved ones and make sure there’s nothing dangerous at home. Whether you’re looking after an elderly family member, a child or even a pet, a doorbell camera takes the guesswork out of caregiving.

Smart doorbell cameras come with many uses you might not even know about. We found seven valuable ways to make the most out of this essential security tech presented by our sponsor, SimpliSafe. Read to the end for a great deal on a home security system you can install yourself in under an hour.

1. Stop porch pirates

We’re all getting more delivered right to our homes than ever before. Sadly, that means package theft is a more compelling option for thieves. With so much to choose from, they can have a field day quickly popping by to take what’s yours.

2. See who comes and goes

Potential burglars love to cruise by houses to get an idea of your schedule. That way, they know when you’re gone, which is the perfect time for them to strike. A smart doorbell camera keeps track of suspicious characters walking near your home and peeking through the window.

Other burglars will be less obvious. They’ll stay in their car, lingering outside your home. Thanks to your video doorbell, you’ll notice familiar faces on your live feed.

3. Answer the door from anywhere

Video doorbells have live video and two-way audio. This means you don’t have to go to your door to answer it, which lets you keep track of anyone who swings by. Plus, it minimizes contact.

4. Keep an eye on your pets

Does your pet like to spend time on the porch? Keep an eye on Fido through your video doorbell’s connected app.

5. Screen your visitors

Whenever someone comes knocking, your video doorbell sends your phone a high-definition video of their face. Now, you can open the door only for the people you invited.

See an unfamiliar face? It may be a salesperson. In that case, you can turn the TV volume down so they think you aren’t home.

6. Deter would-be thieves

Nothing says “Stay away from my house!” like cameras and signs that make it clear your property is being monitored. If a porch pirate or would-be burglar spots a camera right at your front door, there’s a good chance they’ll keep walking.

7. Watch over the kids

Keep an eye on when the kids come and go. They may feel a little sheepish at getting caught, but as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry! If they’re home and you’re not, you’ll be able to spot anything potentially dangerous.

Our pick: The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro

Many brands sell video doorbells, and our favorite comes from SimpliSafe. The Video Doorbell Pro is easy to install and use and looks great. Get alerts straight to your phone to see what’s happening and talk to guests without opening the door. Everything is filmed in high-quality, wide-angle video, so you won’t miss anything.

Here’s what makes the SimpliSafe doorbell stand out against the other guys: It has two different sensors. One identifies the heat signature of humans, and another identifies human forms. For instance, you won’t get an alert for every car that drives by.

It works excellently alongside SimpliSafe’s suite of home security products. Get 20% off your order when you visit today. Customize the perfect system for your home in just a few minutes.

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