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5 ways to take control of iOS autocorrect

Autocorrect is the scourge of all iOS users. If you aren't paying attention, the message you send can be quite different from the one you had intended! In fact, there are several websites and blogs dedicated to immortalizing hilarious iOS autocorrect failures and pranks.

While autocorrect can be funny at times, more often than not, it's extremely frustrating and has the potential to be very embarrassing. Teens have been grounded, jobs have been lost and relationships have ended when a racy message lands with the wrong recipient. Less critical but sometimes even more embarrassing is when autocorrect drastically changes random words to create entirely different meanings.

Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent these types of mistakes, without having to stop your text message before it sends. Here are five ways:

1. Turn off autocorrect

If you'd like to just sidestep the entire problem altogether, the easiest way is to turn off autocorrect. This may not be for everyone since autocorrect does have its advantages, but turning off the function is an option for anyone who isn't too worried about typos.

The process is simple. It's just a quick adjustment to your settings. And, it's easily reversed should you change your mind down the road.

Tap Settings >> General >> Keyboard, then toggle Auto-Correction to Off.

Settings walkthrough2

Follow the same steps to turn autocorrect back on whenever you need it.

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