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5 great tools to remove pesky programs on your Windows PC

If you’ve ever tried self-diagnosing a slow PC, you’re already familiar with bloatware and other software installed on the computer.

What’s the best way to clean up your PC? Doing it by hand is one option, but you risk deleting something foundational and wasting time. Automation is one option that solves both problems. All you need is the right software.

There’s no telling what your new PC will put on your plate the first time you boot it up. Luckily, the best PC uninstallers can help you clean house without messing with anything important.

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1. Revo Uninstaller

Revo is the way to go if apps aren’t your only concern. Scan your entire registry in style, including browser extensions and other digital detritus.

This is one excellent option if you’ve ever tried to do it the old-fashioned way, only to find the same uninstalled apps inexplicably re-installing themselves out of thin air. Revo tries the native uninstaller attached to the app first. It then scans your computer for associated files that remain. Zombie problem: solved.

There is a free Revo uninstaller that you could use. One major selling point in favor of upgrading to Revo Pro: is a system restore point, allowing you to back up your previous state of affairs before going to town. You can’t re-install this backup without the upgrade. Just a word to the wise.

2. IObit Uninstaller

Some prefer IObit because of its slick UI. It’s a highly polished, easy-to-use environment that puts all your apps at your fingertips.

IObit is perfect for removing many apps en masse and can also help you with several other tasks. PC health maintenance and more are all made straightforward. It’s not all roses, though.

One huge turn-off here: all the junk that this installer tries to install on your computer. The tool is free to use, with backups and a bunch of stuff you’d have to pay for elsewhere, granted. You can bypass this problem by opting out of the additional installs, but you have to do so deliberately.

3. Geek Uninstaller

Geek Uninstaller is the best uninstaller for any apps or programs you can’t get rid of for one technical reason or another, including corrupted files or simply lousy development.

The tool is simple enough to use, resembling the default Windows uninstaller. You have a couple of ways to approach your mission, with dedicated tools for general PC clean-up and tackling problem apps that won’t stop regenerating.

Geek Uninstaller is excellent if this is something you frequently do. It’s the perfect tool for grooming your PC as a part of your routine; annoying programs can be dealt with quickly and on-the-fly. 

4. Wise Program Uninstaller

Third-party apps, Windows built-in apps, and UWPs stand no chance against Wise. This take-no-prisoners app uninstaller can be used for many things—uninstalling browser extensions in bulk and both Safe and Forced uninstall tools that leave no stone unturned.

Wise also offers an in-line option that you’ll find in the context menus associated with any app on your desktop or in your file directory. Simply right-click and select Uninstall with Wise Program Uninstaller, no questions asked.

5. Advanced Uninstaller PRO

This uninstall tool frees your PC from all that plagues it by conducting real-time system health checks daily. If you stay proactive, upgrading to Advanced Uninstaller Pro might be a solid idea.

The upgraded version will scan your PC for malware at start-up, offering suggestions about things that should be removed. You can back up and restore anything on your computer, allowing you to repair buggy apps you would prefer to keep instead of wiping them outright.

The download is free, and your first 30 days cost less than $10. Give it a shot and see if it gets the job done. You may very well make a friend for life.

It’s not always easy to guess which apps in your registry are safe to delete. All five of these tools for Windows can help you separate the wheat from the chaff completely risk-free.

All of these tools offer at least a free trial version. If you have one or more highly stubborn apps haunting your PC, we recommend giving them a shot.

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