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Our best tips to find employees for your business

Presented by LinkedIn

Presented by LinkedIn

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If you want to attract new employees, you’re in luck. The Labor Department says 4.3 million people quit their jobs in August. Thanks to “The Great Resignation,” many skilled workers are looking for their next best job.

That means it’s time for you to convince them your open position is their dream job. The hiring process can be time-consuming and challenging, but finding an all-star team player is worth the effort. But if you’re worried about attracting bad employees, don’t be. The Komando team has your back.

We know of a few great ways you can find employees on Craigslist, Facebook, LinkedIn or wherever else you upload your job posting. These are essential tips for job recruiters. Follow this checklist to find new employees for your company.

1. Post on social media – not just job sites

Don’t limit yourself to job sites. Sure, that’s where the vast majority of job seekers will be, but you’re missing out if you only post on Monster or ZipRecruiter. Take advantage of social media and post your job on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Think of it this way: You’re casting as wide a net as possible. You might even pique the interest of someone already in a job. Maybe seeing your ad in their feed makes them look into your company and decide to make the switch.

2. Make sure your company has a great LinkedIn page

Our sponsor LinkedIn says 40 million people use its platform to find jobs every week. Needless to say, your LinkedIn presence plays a huge role in landing your next star candidate.

That’s why it’s a good idea to polish up your company page. Make sure you have a well-written front page with engaging graphics and photos. Insert links to the company website.

Just make sure your front page isn’t a ghost town. You want to make an excellent first impression on future employees.

3. Ask your current employees to spread the word

Don’t underestimate your team’s networking skills. They might know a friend who has the perfect skillset. Ask them to put out some feelers.

Of course, whether they do this depends on how much they enjoy working with the company. After all, people don’t want to set up their friends for failure. They want to make sure their friends will enjoy their new work environment.

So if you want your employees to spread the word, take a look around the office first. Make sure it’s a great workplace people will want to join. That way, your employees are much more likely to invite their friends.

But if that isn’t enough to spur them to action, try this.

4. Offer rewards for employees who recommend new team members

There’s no better motivation than cold, hard cash. Employee referral programs are a part of many companies and for good reason. Luckily, you can find many employee referral apps to set up your own program.

But if you don’t want to take that extra step, we get it. Learning a new program can take up a lot of time. In that case, offer a bonus to any employee who refers a candidate who later joins the team.

Or you could offer something fun, like tickets to Six Flags or the chance to spin a wheel that lands on different prizes. There are all sorts of reward opportunities you could come up with!

5. Upload your job posting to LinkedIn

Small businesses have unique needs, and it’s more important than ever to have the right people on your team. That’s why I trust LinkedIn Jobs to help. LinkedIn Jobs matches your open role with qualified candidates and puts your post in front of members every day so you can hire the right person faster.

Find the perfect fit for your business with LinkedIn Jobs. And, for a limited time, post a job for free — visit to get started today!

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