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Home security 101: How to hide a security camera from view

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

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When setting up a home security system, buying cameras is a no-brainer. This way, you can catch criminals in the act so police can quickly track down the bad guys. If you’re too obvious, though, burglars might grab your camera and go. That’s why we’re sharing this guide on how to hide a security camera.

First, let’s clear up any confusion. Maybe you’re thinking, “Don’t I want my security cameras to be obvious, so people know I’ll catch them?” Although cameras can deter burglars, researchers say they’re also signs of wealth.

In other words, a criminal might look at a security camera on your property and think this is a perfect home to rob. You have enough money to buy cameras. Tap or click here for simple ways to protect your home from burglars. That’s why you might want to hide a security camera when setting it up.

Just follow these steps

Aside from deterring burglars, there are a few other reasons why you might want to hide a security camera. For instance, maybe you want to keep a close eye on family members to see if kids are misbehaving. You might even set up hidden cameras to catch abusive caregivers.

Circling back to burglars, you should know that criminals will sometimes disarm the cameras they see. Then, they’ll dislodge your camera, take it home and resell it. Especially crafty criminals will study the camera placement and develop another way to break into your house.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before hiding a security camera. First, don’t let anything block the camera. Don’t put it behind a thick tree trunk or a dog house. Second, be sensitive about camera placement.

Ensure you aren’t pointing it towards a neighbor’s backdoor or someone’s bedroom window. Although you want to protect your home and neighborhood, there’s a thin line you need to toe to avoid invading people’s privacy.

Also, if you’re setting up an indoor camera, don’t throw them up in people’s bedrooms. Recording people without their consent can cause a host of problems.

Next, try to pick a camera that will blend in with its surroundings. For example, if you want to stick a camera on a white wall, you should probably buy a white camera instead of a black one.

Use these spots instead

If you’re setting up outdoor security cameras, a few places can shield them from view. For example, you could set them in a potted plant or inside a fake rock or bush.

Don’t underestimate the value of lawn decor as decoys, either. You can put them near mailboxes or behind posts or ledges. (Make sure the wood doesn’t obscure the cameras, though.)

Indoor security cameras require conversations with the other people who live in the household. You might also want to give a heads-up to frequent visitors. After all, they deserve to know whether or not they might star in a home video.

With that being said, aim to set them up in corners of high ceilings, so they get a good overview of the room they’re in. You can even put them atop beams or ledges. Some people put hidden cameras inside stuffed animals.

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Now you know how to hide a security camera. Here’s another security tip!

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