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See who is stealing your internet

When it comes to Wi-Fi, criminals are looking for ways to get in. The worst part is, it's not that hard for someone to...
Downloads November 3, 2018

Traveling overseas? Hand over your devices or face $5,000 fine

New Zealand has enacted a new, strange law that allows customs officials to probe through your phone in an effort for more "safety."
Happening Now October 2, 2018

Biggest hack in Facebook history! 50 million accounts taken over by hackers

Over 50 Million Facebook users had their personal information stolen this week in a massive data breach. Passwords, birthdays, relatives and even in same...
Happening Now September 30, 2018

Microsoft is ending passwords with this innovative move

Passwords have long been considered the weakest links in online security. Cybercriminals use phishing scams, data breaches, password reuse and brute force attacks to...
Happening Now September 24, 2018

The 4 biggest data breaches you've been hit with, and what you should do next

Companies are being hacked more now than ever, and it's likely that at some time or another you will find yourselves on the nasty...
Tips September 5, 2018

People are getting fed up with passwords and security questions

Pretty much anything we do online now requires some sort of password, and as part of setting up those passwords we need to provide...
Happening Now July 14, 2018

With this portable tool, your web browser goes with you

If you are in the group of people who would prefer to have some level of browsing secrecy (and given how information gets leaked...
Downloads July 10, 2018

One lie security experts use all the time and you should, too

In recent years, experts have reconsidered the use of security questions, which may ask you to remember personal tidbits like your pet’s name or...
Tips July 6, 2018

If your password is on this list, you're in big trouble

It's possible that you have the wrong idea of who hackers actually are. They are sometimes portrayed in movies as nerdy teenagers, hiding in their...
Happening Now June 16, 2018

Google Chrome new feature means no more passwords

Phishing attacks have been tricking victims into handing credentials over to scammers for years. It's one of the most effective tools in the criminal...
Happening Now June 3, 2018
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