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Don't download this app that can deplete your PayPal account

PayPal is one of those apps many of us use often. It can let us pay for anything and keep us safe from hackers,...
Happening Now December 12, 2018

Update now! Adobe issues emergency Flash update for a serious flaw

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: Don't download Flash. Flash is the program on your computer that seems to...
Happening Now December 7, 2018

Free hacking tools are targeting you

This year has been one of the worst when it comes to hacking, and it doesn't seem like it will be slowing down any...
Tips December 5, 2018

5 hacker-proof tactics for travelers

It’s the happiest time of the year. It’s also the busiest time of the year. Your life is full of distractions, especially if you’re...
Columns December 1, 2018

Did you download malware disguised as a driving game? Here's what to do

Malware can take all forms, from simple music downloads to apps. But recently, scammers have used a downloadable game that's available online to get...
Happening Now November 20, 2018

Watch out! Cybercriminals are now targeting your browser extensions

Browser extensions can offer people convenient tools for getting specific tasks done online. From taking screenshots, correcting grammar and spelling, or helping optimize searches,...
Happening Now November 17, 2018

Guard your privacy with this total internet security system

Looking to take the guesswork out of keeping you and your family safe online? Here's how F-Secure TOTAL can simplify online security.
Tips November 11, 2018

Google Play Store dangerous apps can fill your Android with malware and steal your money

The internet can be a dangerous place. We need to make sure we don't download any programs that may be malware or viruses in...
Happening Now November 7, 2018

Watch out! Using Edge to download Chrome is a mistake

Most people don't use Microsoft Edge very often. It just doesn't have the same ease of use or features of Chrome or Firefox. Well,...
Happening Now October 30, 2018

If you have this TV, it has 3 critical bugs so update the firmware now

If you own one of these smart televisions, you need to know about these three critical flaws that have recently surfaced that might allow...
Happening Now October 9, 2018
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