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5 critical hardware solutions for your small business

Courage, instincts and hard work. This is what it takes to run a business; however, there is one more important ingredient that should be added to the mix.

If you wish to remain competitive and successful in today’s market, you’re going to need strong, reliable hardware. No, not like hammers and wrenches. We’re talking tech here.

Investing in the right hardware products for your business will help you to stay organized and boost productivity. Sure, it’s easy to say your business should have effective hardware, but what kind? Lucky for you, our sponsor, Dell, is offering deals on a multitude of products. Here are five essentials to get you started.

1. Desktops and laptops

Computers, computers, computers. They might as well have the name “Workhorse” stamped across each one. Without them, businesses would be stopped dead in their tracks and ultimately cease to exist. Failure to invest in reliable computers can have the same results.

Dell has more than 30 years’ experience helping small businesses thrive by providing products that are flexible, easy to manage and reliable.

For example, Dell offers the Vostro 14 3490 laptop. It comes with TPM, or the Trusted Platform Module 2.0, which allows you to encrypt passwords, manage computer-generated encryption keys and even if the hard disk is removed and installed to a new computer, attackers can’t read the data.

Vostro 14 3490 Dell

If you’re looking for a desktop, Dell’s Vostro 3000 is a space-saving desktop with Bitlocker, which doesn’t allow any unauthorized users can access the system.

2. Monitors

It’s amazing how much of your work happens with your eyes. Your workspace may have a rock star PC with tons of storage, a great keyboard and perhaps even a comfy chair, but if your monitor is lacking, your overall productivity will suffer.

For a better display that lets you get more done, you need a monitor that offers the specific features your business needs. This means it offers the right size, resolution and overall cost.

Dell has you covered. The P24219H monitor optimizes your workspace with its ultrathin bezel design and 23.8″ display.

P2419H Monitor Dell

If you’re looking for more room on your desk, the P2219H monitor. At 21.5″, it saves more space on your desk for other things, like a second monitor to improve productivity. Its three-sided bezel design allows you to work uninterrupted across multiple monitors and is easy on the eyes to boot.

3. Routers

While broadband modems play a key role in any internet-connected business, it’s recommended that you get yourself a wireless router. That’s right. Cut the cables and never look back. A wireless router acts as an internet splitter, which means all of your devices can be connected from anywhere within range of your router.

Not only that, but most modern wireless routers come with built-in firewalls, as well as the ability to limit networks strictly to computers you trust. This means more safety and privacy for your computer.

When choosing a router, it’s important to consider bandwidth as well. Your business runs on bandwidth and having sufficient speed enables your day to day operation to run as fast as your internet.

Dell has quite a few routers on sale now that meet these criteria. The Netgear R7000 Nighthawk wireless router provides high-speed Wi-Fi capabilities that can go up to 1,900 Mbps. That’s not just fast, that’s blazing fast. Perfect for projects that require uploading and downloading large files.

4. Network server

A network server is designed to act as the central hub of your network and assists in providing various resources like hardware access, disk space, printer access, etc. to other connected computers.

While personal computers can often act as network servers, a dedicated server will give you the advantages of a faster CPU, higher-performance memory and increased storage capacity.

Having a solid network server solution can be very effective when it comes to supporting your database, email applications and other files. They can even provide better security and backup options.

Dell’s PowerEdge series network servers offer power, versatility, and efficiency. For example, the R240 Rack Server allows you to combine data from multiple laptops or desktops onto a single server and drive a greater amount of memory performance.

It was designed specifically for budget-conscious businesses and is customizable to meet your business’ needs without breaking the bank.

5. 2-in-1 laptops

More and more positions require remote work and travel. Though laptops can accommodate most situations, sometimes a lighter tablet is the more practical device — or you can just get a 2-in-1.

The Inspirion 14 5485 2-in-1 laptop is the perfect solution for on-the-go business needs. It comes with Windows 10, an AMD Ryzen processor, USB Type-C port, 512GB storage and features Cortana as a virtual assistant. It only weighs 4.45 pounds and offers a 14″ screen.

BONUS: Small Business Advisors

Dell understands every business is different and that’s why its Small Business Central is your 24/7 resource for game-changing ideas and insights, as well as practical solutions and advice, all tailored to the unique challenges of managing and growing your small business.

Dell’s team of Small Business Advisors are ready to help you with advice and one-on-one partnership to grow your business. You can reach them through Live Chat, buy calling 1-877-BUY-Dell or by tapping or clicking here!

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