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How to take the perfect profile picture for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

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Presented by LinkedIn

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Your profile picture is more important than you might think. It’s your chance to put a good first impression out into the world. That’s why it’s important that you know how to take the perfect profile picture for all your accounts.

Say you’re applying for a new job. Potential employers will run background checks on your social media presence. You need to have good pictures that show you at your best.

You might even want to run a check on yourself to get an idea of what other people are seeing. Tap or click here to run a free background check on yourself. Here are a few ways to improve your profile picture on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

A few ways to look better on LinkedIn

This is incredibly important because it gives employers an idea of what you’ll look like at work. Try to pick a picture that shows how competent, influential and likable you are.

Not sure how that comes across in a picture? Just upload your LinkedIn profile picture to Photofeeler, a free picture rating website. Anonymous strangers will let you know how you come across.

Instead of uploading a picture with a toothy grin, go for a professional picture with a slight smile. You want to look friendly without showing too much enthusiasm. Also, ensure your profile picture has a blurred background so the person viewing your profile can focus on your face.

How to take the perfect profile picture for Facebook

Family shots are a great option. After all, Facebook is all about connecting with other people, so it makes sense to pick a photo of you and your loved ones. Just make sure you’re the focal point of the picture.

And remember that Facebook is swarming with scammers who create complex phishing schemes. They might steal your name and photo to create a new account. Then they’ll send phishing messages to your friends and family while pretending to be you.

SPOT THE SCAM: If you see these 4 words on Facebook Messenger, don’t click

Here’s a cybersecurity tip you can start using today. Use a photo of something else like your pet and tell your friends and family, “If you see me in a profile picture, it means someone is impersonating my account.” This way, you’ve tipped your friends off so they can spot a phishing scheme a mile away.

Improve your look on Instagram

Kim recommends picking an action-oriented picture. Show yourself doing something you love. For example, if you like surfing, show yourself riding those waves.

Instagram is more personal than LinkedIn, and it’s less family-oriented than Facebook. It’s okay to let your hair down a little. Just make sure you don’t get too comfortable or else you might put off employers.

Then again, you can always just make your account private. Tap or click here to change the privacy settings on Instagram. Now that you know how to take the perfect profile picture, here’s another social media tip.

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