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You have a craving, but what's for dinner? If you can't quite put your finger on what you'd like to eat, this site is...
Cool Sites January 12, 2017

7 sites to prepare the best Thanksgiving feast

When you gather together with friends and family for Thanksgiving dinner, you'll probably see most of the basics: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy,...
Cool Sites November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Day Menu planner is just perfect

Whether you're on a special diet this year or plan to cook up a traditional Thanksgiving meal, a menu planner really helps. Before you...
Cool Sites November 16, 2016

Ways to bring the family together for dinner

Smartphone addiction is a real and serious problem. We've been hearing more and more callers on the Kim Komando Show asking questions about what to...
Cool Sites February 3, 2016

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Do you need a fantastic gift idea for someone this Valentine's Day? Try a high-quality brownie that you can order online. If you own...
Cool Sites January 31, 2016

Tips to keep your groceries fresh longer

If you use the smell test to check the quality of food in your fridge, there is a better way. Plus, properly storing food...
Cool Sites December 25, 2015

Get great and unique recipes for what's already in your pantry

Get great and unique recipes for what's already in your pantry
Cool Sites December 16, 2015

Take the hassle out of meal planning

Saving money on your groceries isn't as hard as it seems. Get hundreds of free ideas for budget-friendly meals with this handy website.
Cool Sites November 2, 2015

Find the perfect recipe based on what's already in your kitchen

Not sure what to cook tonight? Let this Cool Site know what's in your fridge and it'll give you options
Cool Sites September 23, 2015

Free dining rewards program

Wouldn't it be nice to earn money for eating out? Click here to find out how you can do it!
Cool Sites August 4, 2015

Find free fresh food around you

Urban harvesting is the latest food trend. Here's how to hunt for fresh food around your community.
Cool Sites July 9, 2015

Get all sorts of goodies delivered right to your door

Get all sorts of goodies delivered right to your door.
Cool Sites July 7, 2015

Browse all of the best senior discounts

This Cool Site gives you a full list of discount available for seniors. Did you know that some of these places offer discounts? Check...
Cool Sites June 27, 2015

24 summer recipes everyone should try

It's time for BBQ parties! I've found great recipes you don't want to miss this summer.
Cool Sites May 30, 2015

Don't go grocery shopping without these coupons

Big savings, no scissors. If you love to save money, you'll want to print out some of these always-updated coupons before you head to...
Cool Sites May 15, 2015

Popular restaurant nutrition facts at your fingertips

Get all the nutritional information you can imagine at the world's largest open and searchable database of nutritional information.
Cool Sites May 1, 2015

Vegetable growing cheat sheet makes you a pro

Watching your garden grow is exciting, but roadblocks can be frustrating. That's why I'm giving you a great cheat sheet for growing a vegetable...
Cool Sites April 8, 2015

Get your coffee free throughout the month of February

Get free coffee for the entire month of February.
Cool Sites February 2, 2015

Get great deals on meals

Get the best deals on meals at restaurants with this site.
Cool Sites December 21, 2014

Order delicious gourmet treats from anywhere in the country

Get absolutely delicious edible treats from anywhere in the country delivered to your doorstep.
Cool Sites December 16, 2014
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