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Microsoft Excel Formula Bot
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Fed up with Excel? This site creates formulas for you

Few things frustrate us more than the inability to crack an Excel task independently. We love formulas and conditional cells, but the best way to utilize these features isn’t always easy. Tap or click for tricks to get the most out of Microsoft Word and Excel.

Our latest obsession is a natural language “translator” that can convert any data or rule into a bonafide Excel formula. You can even plug it into Excel itself once you have it.

Read on to learn how to use an AI assistant to solve a challenging problem in Excel.

How to use the Excel Formula Generator

What is the Excel Formula Bot? This simple web app is browser-based and ready to help you tackle your latest Excel head-scratcher.

To begin, all you need to do is identify a task and use the tips listed on the site:

  • Use row or cell numbers when possible.
  • Use single quotes instead of double quotes.
  • Rewording your query if your results don’t pan out in Excel.

The AI bot will present you with formulas almost immediately. Give it a shot, and if it doesn’t work, it never hurts to try adjusting the prompt in whatever way you can.

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According to the site, “Model results are best when the prompt is as specific as possible (i.e., referencing exact cells, rows or columns). If you do not get the desired results, try to reframe your sentence.”

After getting what you need, we encourage you to provide feedback using the Yes and No buttons below your AI-generated solution. Doing so improves the program, which means better future results for you and everybody else using this tool.

The author of this page, David Bressler, also accepts donations on behalf of the Excel Formula Bot. The tool is free to use otherwise, and you won’t even have to sign up to try it. All proceeds are redirected into programs that make STEM accessible to all students.

Let AI do the heavy lifting for you

Sometimes, we waste way more time trying to solve problems like these than we spend implementing the solutions we come up with. The next time you struggle to make it all work out in Excel, the Excel Formula Bot can help.

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