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5 essential offline apps for Android when there's no internet

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Kim's Take: What does Google know about you?

We know that Google tracks and records a lot of information about each of us. Well, how’d you like to get a copy of what...
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20 amazing things you didn't know Google photos could do

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Google Drive adds new features you'll love

Need an easy way to share and edit files with others? Google Drive is one of the best ways to collaborate. And now it's...
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Free training from Google to be a Google Pro

I have good news! Did you know there's a free Chrome extension that will teach you to be a Google Pro? This tool offers...
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Download Google Drive's free MS Office plug-in

Google Drive users now have a simple way to save and edit their Microsoft Office documents in the cloud.
Downloads August 16, 2016

Microsoft slashes your cloud storage

It seems like just last year we were writing about how much free or cheap storage you got with OneDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage service....
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