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Antivirus isn’t just for your computer – Here’s why you should protect your smartphone, too

Presented by TotalAV

Presented by TotalAV

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You probably know that antivirus software is essential for your computer. Without it, you’re browsing without protection, exposing yourself to ransomware, viruses, Trojans, spyware and countless other threats. But your computer isn’t the only gadget that needs antivirus protection.

Security firm Check Point says in a recent Mobile Security Report that 40% of mobile devices are prone to cyber-attacks. In 2019 alone, 76% of all cyberattacks were financially motivated. Combine those two facts, and you’ll realize that your phone could be the gateway a criminal uses to steal your money.

Think about it: Our phones and tablets go with us everywhere, so they have way more personal data than laptops. If your credit card is attached to any apps on your smartphone, it’s time to download antivirus software for your mobile device. We’ve got all the tips you need in this helpful guide, provided by our sponsor, TotalAV.

Why your Android needs antivirus protection

Security breaches are so common nowadays that hardly anyone can scrape by without being scratched. That’s terrible news since data breaches can open you to identity theft.

Almost all of us have been involved in a data leak in one way or another. Don’t believe us? Enter your email addresses into HaveIBeenPwned, an online database with all the latest news of data breaches.

If you download TotalAV onto your Android, you can save yourself a step by using its built-in Data Breach Check. Like HaveIBeenPwned, this tool lets you search to see if their email address has been included in any known breaches. You even get educational guides telling you what to do if you find out a breach has hurt you. It will even tell you how to stop unauthorized account access or identity theft.

There are a few more specific protections you can take advantage of

Do you want to protect yourself against rogue apps and games before installing them? If you’re sick of constantly being vigilant and looking out for yourself, TotalAV lets you finally relax. Thanks to its 24/7 security and Real-Time Protection feature, you can stay safe since dangerous websites are automatically blocked.

Here are more details on the features that benefit you the most:

  • Real-time protection: You’re constantly being protected against malware and viruses. TotalAV is watching out in real time.
  • App lock/PIN functionality: This privacy feature is perfect for family devices. You can add a passcode or PIN lock to any app on a device through TotalAV. This means you can let your kids play a game on your phone — without worrying that they’re secretly looking through your online banking app. That’s just one example; there are many other ways it can protect sensitive apps when you’re concerned about privacy and security.
  • Photo Manager: This easy-to-use interface lets you manage photos, screenshots and duplicate images. You can filter them with a few clicks of the button, making organization a breeze. You can also keep your storage clean and in order by removing photos that take up space.
  • Safe browser: You can also browse anonymously without worrying about creepy strangers tracking your every click.

Other features let you release memory, boost speed, browse anonymously and more. Use this link to get 85% off your first year of antivirus protection.

iPhone users need antivirus protection ASAP

TotalAV’s unique iPhone and iPad app offers the same features as Android users enjoy. It keeps you safe from cybersecurity threats through its website filtering features and anti-fraud services like the device location tracker.

You’re also getting access to the Data Breach Check feature, so you’ll know when your private information is exposed for all the world to see.

  • Anti-Theft Device Locator: This feature is great if your device is lost or stolen. This feature periodically sends updates on the gadget’s location using your device’s GPS. This lets you trace its location in real time.
  • Secure browser: This search engine doesn’t track you. It stops targeted ads from stalking you around the web.
  • WebShield: This automatically blocks dangerous websites. It stops social engineering attacks. Even better, it applies across all web browser apps.
  • System security: This notification system keeps you up-to-date on Apple Security updates and any vulnerabilities in your device’s privacy unlock functionality.
  • Battery Monitor: See your battery charge based on your apps.

Get an annual plan of TotalAV Internet Security for only $19 at That’s over 85% off the regular price!

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