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Ding, dong: 6 funniest moments caught by video doorbells

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

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Sure, you probably know all about the ways doorbell cameras like SimpliSafe can boost your home security system. Connect them to your phone, and you get a 24/7 live stream of everything going on in your home. With these nifty tools, you can catch burglars, find missing children and even tell your neighbors about a fire.

Best of all, each of those examples is based on a true story. The great thing about doorbell cameras is how many ways you can use them. They can even capture something as innocuous as your neighbor heading over while you’re away and inviting you to dinner (kind of like a video voicemail).

Tap or click here for our video doorbell pick for 2021. Sometimes, though, they can even catch some really funny videos. That’s why we threw together this fun list of our favorite moments caught on video.

1. “I love you, dad! Now, how do I watch kids’ cartoons?”

One cute kid runs up to the doorbell camera when his dad is away. He’s got a pressing question that needs to be answered ASAP.

2. “What time will you bring her home?”

Dads are notorious for giving their daughters’ dates a good-natured ribbing. But what’s a dad to do when he’s away from home? Easy. Talk to the date through the doorbell camera!

3. “I’m home!” she says at 3 a.m.

One family let their dog run off-leash for seven and a half hours. Once her random adventure was over, she ran home and poked her nose against the front doorbell. She woke them up at the witching hour with a clear, nonverbal message: “Let me in!”

4. Where’s this bear off to in such a hurry?

If you didn’t know bears could open doors, here’s a shocker for you. This video shows a bear standing up on its hind legs, trying to break into cars. Let’s hope he remembered his driver’s license!

5. Porch pirates come in all shapes and sizes

The person who posted this video says ants were the culprits behind this video. What do you think? What could have been inside the package to make these ants so determined to steal? We guess that the package must contain some sweets.

6. Catch delivery workers having a good time

This man was in a great mood, and he had the moves to prove it!

Want to capture funny moments on your own porch?

When it comes to video doorbells, we recommend our sponsor, SimpliSafe. Control your entire security system from the palm of your hand (or on your wrist) with the SimpliSafe App that works with Apple Watch. Get peace of mind today so you can enjoy your next trip … or catch some of life’s funniest moments.

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