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Need help setting up your home security system? SimpliSafe is just a call away

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

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By now, it’s crystal clear that a home security system is a literal lifesaver. Depending on your choice, your cameras can catch burglars and even call for emergency help. Despite the many benefits, a few key concerns stop people from buying one.

One worry that holds people back is the idea that the setup will be complicated. Installation is as easy as pie if you go with our sponsor, SimpliSafe. For example, the motion sensors come with four adhesive stickers straight out of the box. You can peel them off and stick the motion sensors around the home.

You can do it yourself with a few easy guides or call them yourself. Tap or click here to get at-home help from a qualified technician. If you go the DIY route, you may have questions while putting everything together. That’s why we’re writing this easy guide to getting help while you secure your home.

Reaching out for help is quick and easy

A while back, Kim’s friend Kip moved into a new house. He had to take down all his old home security system parts.

Initially, he used stickers to put up his sensors and cameras. So when he took them down, they lost their adhesiveness. He needed new stickers to relocate his old security gadgets to his new home.

Luckily, a quick call to SimpliSafe took care of the problem. They sent him a moving package, which came with a lot more than just the new adhesives he needed. It also came with specialized containers that kept his sensors and accessories organized.

Here’s the number he called:

  • SimpliSafe: (888) 692-0229

Later, Kip had trouble getting his base station to connect to his Wi-Fi network. He called and they walked him through the fix. That’s partly why Kim is such a big fan of SimpliSafe: The company is so easy to communicate with.

If you’re a SimpliSafe user like Kip or Kim, contact the support team at 1-800-297-1605 or email when you need help installing your system. The customer support team is open seven days a week, 365 days a year, from 8:00 a.m. EST until midnight.

When it comes to home security and customer satisfaction, they don’t play around

SimpliSafe is an award-winning home security system, so you know it’s engineered with the latest technology you want to keep your family safe. But what really sets SimpliSafe apart is its people.

When you need them most, SimpliSafe is there 24/7, with experts trained to not only keep you safe but to make you feel safe. It’s one of the many reasons U.S. News recently called SimpliSafe “the best home security of 2021.”

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