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Is Microsoft’s built-in antivirus enough to protect your PC?

Presented by TotalAV

Presented by TotalAV

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We write about new scams, malware and online threats daily here at How do you protect yourself? Antivirus software is a solid place to start.

There are countless options, from free (avoid those!) to a paid options that tout similar features. A Google search for “antivirus software” turns up about 151 million results. How can you parse the junk from a solution that will protect you?

If you’re a Windows 10 user, you may think you’re all set with Microsoft Defender Antivirus, formerly Windows Defender, running. Besides the fact that this program is free and already installed, you may wonder whether it is effective or powerful enough to protect your PC. Let’s find out.

Is Windows Defender good enough protection?

Native to Windows 10, Microsoft Defender Antivirus is, by default, enabled and works behind the scenes. it performs background scans, automatically scans downloads and more.

Advantages of Microsoft Defender include a user-friendly interface, it doesn’t bring bloatware and it requires fewer system resources than most antivirus programs. Testing indicates Microsoft Defender is a reliable antivirus program and is among the best in identifying threats.

Even with its numerous advantages and reliable reputation, Microsoft Defender falls short when protecting your system from malware, ransomware and zero-day attacks, leaving your computer vulnerable. For this reason, we recommend a complete security suite.

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Protect your computer with Kim’s pick, TotalAV

There are new hacks, malicious codes and clever ways to break into your system coming out nearly every day. Free antivirus software just can’t keep up with the latest threats.

TotalAV protects you from threats you didn’t even know were there. Its system will scan, locate, quarantine and eliminate viruses, trojans, adware, spyware and more. Most free programs don’t offer impressive vulnerability scans like this that actually work.

There’s even a TotalAV Safe Site browser extension that analyzes and blocks any suspicious websites before they can cause you harm. Install it on Google Chrome or Firefox to clear your cookies with just one click, launch a private browsing window and delete your browsing history.

If you use a PC or a Mac, iPhone or Android, TotalAV has you covered. It safeguards Windows, Mac and Android gadgets, while also keeping your iPhone and iPad running at peak performance.

TotalAV keeps devices safe and secure with its all-in-one, cross-platform security software. And it works wherever you are: at home, in the office or on the go.

What sets TotalAV apart?

TotalAV isn’t just about antivirus protection, it has a range of integrated optimization tools at your disposal.

Here is a quick overview of why choosing TotalAV is the best thing you can do for your digital protection:

  • Block phishing URLs – Stay up to date and block the latest malicious phishing URLs with its SafeSite extension. With over thousands of new examples discovered daily, you’ll remain protected.
  • Real-time antivirus – TotalAV’s system scan locates, quarantines and eliminates viruses, trojans, adware, spyware, ransomware and more, ensuring you are protected from the latest threats.
  • Remote firewall – TotalAV understands privacy is important, which is why it provides remote firewall access to prevent unauthorized access to your private data.
  • Scheduled scans – There is no need to add a date in your calendar for your next scan, simply select the type of scan you wish to run and schedule how frequently you want the process to run. It’s completely hassle-free!
  • Disk cleaner – Clean up your device’s storage, app cache and any duplicate photos, saving valuable disk space.
  • Enhance performance – Over time, your computer will naturally slow down. TotalAV can help identify specific errors and programs which impact your device’s performance to help you keep on top of things.

With a threat around every corner, you can’t wait for something to happen. Upgrade your PC’s protection today while you’re thinking about it.

Right now, save an exclusive 85% at That’s an entire year of protection on up to five devices for just $19.99. You really can’t beat that deal.

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