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3 legitimate work-at-home online jobs that pay big

3 legitimate work-at-home online jobs that pay big
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I don't know if they have these in your area, but I see signs advertising "work from home" opportunities all over Phoenix. Many of these "jobs" tend to be scams. Anyone who sees these signs tends to assume the same thing. Online searches for work-from-home opportunities far too often also lead you down the wrong path.

Coming up with this list was not easy. It took us a lot of time, research and interviews to find jobs you can do at home and make money. We had to comb through so many trashy sites. We had to sign up and try different things. We also had to defend our computers against the malicious spyware a few sites tried to install on our systems.

Bonus tip: Need some quick cash? Why not sell your old phone? I show you how in this tip.

 So here's what I did: Every single thing that I list in this tip will link you directly to the places that can help you the most.

All of these work-from-home opportunities were recommended to me by my friends, staff and other trustworthy sources. We vetted them for you. Check all of them out, you might just have a good way to turn your spare time into a big payday.

1. Search Engine Evaluation

Search engine evaluation is a little-known industry. That's due in large part to most of the companies that search engine evaluators work with require strict confidentiality. Search engine evaluators run searches for specific products and report what they find.

It's basically a way for companies to get a better idea of how well their website's search function is working. Sort of like a secret shopper, but online.

Someone (I won't say who) told me that you can make around $10 to $14 for every hour you spend running searches and reporting on the results. Chances are good that you'll have to agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement that basically says that you won't tell someone who you're working with.

You don't get search engine evaluator gigs directly through a company. Instead, you have to go through third-party organizations that have their own in-house testing and acceptance systems.

One trustworthy place to get search engine evaluator jobs is Leapforce. The website lets you work when you want and for however long you want. All you have to do is apply and then take the tests and the site will do the rest.

2. Freelancing

Whether it's writing, drawing, videos or any other once-off project, everyone could always use a freelancer. There is a massive number of websites where freelancers of all shapes and sizes meet up with the businesses who need them most.

Depending on what you've done in the past, your skill set may vary. Writers especially will find many freelance opportunities online. Graphic designers, programmers and many other people can find opportunities as well.

Here are a few websites where you can post your information. One important thing to keep in mind when working through third-party freelancing websites is the fact that the company will not usually let you use your full name.

Websites make their money by connecting businesses with freelancers and taking a cut. Click on each link for a description of what the site does and how you can use it.

  • Odesk: An all-purpose freelancing website where freelancers write up profiles, apply for gigs and can establish regular relationships with vendors.
  • WriterAccess: One of many writer-focused freelancing websites. Freelancers take a test and receive a rating. Customers can set specific projects to only be applied to writers of specific ratings.
  • Upwork: One of the biggest freelancer websites on the Internet. You'll find the most jobs here, but you'll also be dealing with harsher competition. If you have a niche and credentials, Upwork could be a place to develop a relationship with a company.
  • LiveOps: Work from home as a telemarketer or support person. You don't have to sit in an office when you sell over the phone, you can do it from your own phone.
  • ListVerse: A site that pays $100 for any written list that they accept. They expect images, value and social media impact.
  • FlexJobs: Offers great telecommuting opportunities, part-time gigs and other flexible jobs in over 100 industries.

There are many other great opportunities out there to score some freelance work. Craigslist, local job postings, and job sites like Indeed.com might also have some great opportunities for you.

3. Transcription

Are you a quick typist? For an investment of about $50 along with a pair of high-quality headphones, you can get an at-your-own-pace job as a transcriptionist with relative ease.

TV shows, doctors and industries all over the world need to keep a well-documented record of their activity. Instead of transcribing the text in-house, however, they'll usually outsource their transcription to a third party.

Transcribing audio needs someone who can stay focused with strict attention to detail. To get a feel for how fast and detail-oriented you'll need to be, you might consider typing up a few minutes of my show.

Remember to add in sound effects like you'd see in a captioned TV show. Why? Because there's a good chance you might end up transcribing a Hollywood TV show if you like transcription enough. Hollywood doesn't pay just one person to get their captions ready.

That's where you might come in. What's even more interesting about transcription is that you can make more money depending on how fast you can type.

There are many local and online ways to get a transcription job, but a good place to start would probably be Daily Transcription.

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