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Microsoft putting ads in Outlook
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Major changes coming to Outlook – including one you won’t like

Google’s Gmail might be the most popular email client globally, but many people prefer to use Microsoft’s Outlook. First launched in 1996, Outlook became an email heavyweight with over 500 million users.

But as with most technology and services, it must keep up with the functions users want. So, one of the most significant updates is coming to Outlook soon, but not everybody is thrilled about the changes.

Read on to see what Microsoft has planned and why there is one change that you will hate.

Here’s the backstory

Microsoft first announced an overhaul to Outlook in May this year, saying that it would have the same aesthetic as the web-based version and the recently-launched Windows 11 operating system. Initially given the name of Project Monarch, the tech giant rolled it out to commercial customers only.

The new version of Outlook is now available to personal account holders, and one of the most significant additions is that you can manage multiple email accounts in Outlook. This is nifty if you have an additional Gmail or Yahoo account.

Besides multiple account management, the toolbar has a fresh coat of paint and offers more functions.

What you won’t like about the new Outlook app

Other changes include the ability to search for specific attachments, important reminders, and a built-in to-do list.

You can also pin important messages and tell people whether you’ll attend a meeting in person or virtually. That all sounds great, but there is one change that you will hate. If you use the iOS or Android Outlook app, be prepared to see more advertising.

Microsoft is inserting advertising into the Outlook app for iOS and Android, even if you stick with the single email provider feed. So, the only way you won’t see more advertising is if you purchase a Microsoft 365 subscription. A personal account is $6.99 a month, while a Family account is $9.99 a month.

Many users have taken to the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store to voice their displeasure with the advertisements. “Ads now appear in my inbox as unread emails. It’s incredibly misleading, and clicking one will sometimes open external apps,” wrote a user on the Google Play Store page for Outlook.

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