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How to use free Wi-Fi for banking, shopping and safe browsing

The drawback to doing things online is that your information is traveling through the internet. It isn't a straight shot between you and the...
Tips August 14, 2018

Pinpoint Wi-Fi issues in your home or office

Have Wi-Fi coverage issues? If you've ever struggled to fix the Wi-Fi connection in your home, you need this freebie. It’s an innovative way...
Downloads August 13, 2018

New Wi-Fi attack lets hackers steal your passwords

Remember the KRACK Wi-Fi flaw that was publicly revealed last year? It's a widespread exploit that affects every WPA2 encrypted device in the world. It's a...
Happening Now August 11, 2018

Wi-Fi vs. Bluetooth vs. USB tethering: Which is best for you?

You have your laptop open and ready. You need to answer some emails or complete a work assignment, but there’s no Wi-Fi in sight....
Tips August 11, 2018

Secure your Wi-Fi connection with this tech support team

Take a moment to think about the various devices you have connected to your Wi-Fi. For most, that includes smartphones, computers, laptops, smart TVs,...
Tips August 10, 2018

Are your neighbors stealing your internet?

You’ve started noticing that the internet randomly slows down on any gadget, whether it's streaming video or surfing like regular on your tablet or...
Tips August 4, 2018

Opinion: Summer Travel - How safe is public Wi-Fi

We all like to connect to free Wi-Fi if we can. It saves your data (unless you have unlimited data, then you never need...
Columns July 31, 2018

One thing your router needs now to keep the hackers and thieves out

Criminals do love unsecured home Wi-Fi networks. Hackers are often on the lookout for poorly configured Wi-Fi networks that can be used for nefarious...
Happening Now July 24, 2018

Try this trick if your iPhone keeps losing its data connection

Have you ever had this problem with your iPhone when you're out and about? Say you're trotting down a sidewalk when you happen to...
Tips July 23, 2018

Travel troubles? Your device is more likely to be hacked at certain airports

For the most part, the last thing any of us want to do is spend more time in an airport than we have to....
Happening Now July 21, 2018

One way to save big money on your cable bill

One bill in particular has been growing by leaps and bounds for quite some time. Of course, we're talking about your cable bill. Normally...
Tips July 7, 2018

3 ways to protect your privacy while you are on vacation

Many Americans travel frequently for one reason or another. You might be hitting a sunny beach to get away from the daily grind or...
Tips July 5, 2018

Alert! Chromecast and Google Home exposes users' personal data

Google's popular smart gadgets like the Chromecast and the Google Home are bringing affordable ways to fast-track your humble abode into the "smart home"...
Happening Now June 20, 2018

10 insider tricks to keep hackers and scammers from stealing from you

Cybercriminals are out in full force looking for ways to steal your data. It’s worth money to them. That’s why we’ve seen a massive...
Columns June 16, 2018

10 insider ways to keep hackers and scammers away from your private files

Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to steal your personal data. We've seen a huge uptick in the number of data breaches over the...
Tips June 9, 2018

Best routers to fix your Wi-Fi using the new mesh networks

Oh, the frustrating challenges of an inconsistent Wi-Fi connection. There are plenty of reasons your Wi-Fi keeps dropping at your home or office -...
Tips May 30, 2018

How to use your smartphone to diagnose bad Wi-Fi

These days, there's nothing more frustrating than a sluggish internet. You work from anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection, whether that's your home office...
Tips May 29, 2018

Comcast leaked names and numbers of customers' routers

The thing about technology is for as great as it can be, there are oh so many ways things that can go wrong. Hardware...
Happening Now May 23, 2018

What is WPA3?

There are security measures in place to help you, like the WiFi Alliance's WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). That's simply a way to protect your...
Tips May 10, 2018

Medical devices at risk from dangerous KRACK attacks

Heads up! If you, your loved ones or your organization rely on medical devices that connect wirelessly to Wi-Fi networks, you need to be aware...
Happening Now May 4, 2018
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