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New iPhone rumors: Everything we know so far

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Apple pledges to help France rebuild Notre Dame

In the aftermath of the Notre Dame cathedral disaster, donations for the reconstruction began to pour in from around the world. Some of the...
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Why are Apple products so friggin' expensive?

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Is your smartphone waterproof? It could save your life

Imagine being stranded in the middle of the ocean after you were forced to jump from a sinking boat. What would you do? Was...
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Tim Cook shows off iPhone 7 Plus camera photos

Last week, Apple revealed the iPhone 7's new dual lens camera. If you had any doubts about this camera's capabilities, recent photos shared by...
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Terrorist victims side with FBI in fight over Apple's encrypted phones

The federal government has a new ally in its battle with Apple over the iPhone maker's refusal to unlock a dead terrorist's encrypted phone.
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The guy who wrote the new 'Steve Jobs' movie just apologized to Apple's CEO

The Oscar buzz is already building for "Steve Jobs," although the movie starring Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet isn't even out yet. "Steve Jobs"...
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The stock market is so bad Apple's CEO sent Jim Cramer a 'don't panic' email

If grim financial news makes you panic or upset, you're probably thoroughly worried by the world's reaction to China's worsening economic situation. You're not...
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