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Intriguing 1950s footage shows off one of the world's first video phones

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of video phones? For me, it brings back memories of the classic...
Happening Now January 25, 2018

Update this popular app right now! Security bug leaves you vulnerable to hacks

More than 300 million people use this app each month. If you're one of them and you haven't installed the latest update, you need...
Happening Now June 28, 2017

Skype accounts getting hacked - Are your gadgets safe?

More than 300 million people use Skype each month. That's what makes this such bad news. If you're having issues connecting to Skype, you...
Happening Now June 20, 2017

Malicious fake Skype ads can infect your PC with ransomware

Did you ever think you'd be able to have a face-to-face conversation with a loved one halfway across the country? Apps like FaceTime and...
Happening Now April 1, 2017

Free voice and video calling

Wouldn't you love to make free phone calls? Of course you would. Who would say no to a cheaper phone bill?
Apps December 2, 2016

Now you can have Skype video chats with up to 25 people at a time on any device

Skype was already one of the best video chat services on mobile, but now it's even better with video group chats of up to...
Happening Now February 18, 2016

Skype finally hides this one crucial detail from hackers

Microsoft has been criticized for a lot of things over the years, but one loud and recurring critique is well founded. It involves the...
Happening Now January 22, 2016

Record Skype video calls the easy way

Record your Skype calls.
Downloads November 17, 2015

Now you can Skype without signing up or downloading anything

If you're going to video chat online, and you aren't using Apple's FaceTime, there's a good chance you're using Skype. It's easily the most...
Happening Now October 16, 2015

ANOTHER simple text can crash your gadgets

This Skype bug can crash the app. Learn how to fix it now!
Happening Now June 4, 2015

Skype has a Star Trek-style universal translator

It's finally here. The pre-access preview to Skype's on-the-fly universal translator is finally here. Skype is one of the most popular voice over IP phone...
Happening Now December 17, 2014

Skype upgrades users to a better experience

"Hello? Can you hear me now?" Everyone with a phone has used this line, you know you have. And if you've ever used a...
Happening Now November 14, 2014

The future is here: Video phone foreign language translator

Let's all take a look back, way back in time to the year 1982. 32 years ago, Reagan was president, gas was $1.19 a...
Happening Now November 7, 2014

Skype catches thief red-handed at hospital

How easy is it to steal candy from a baby? Apparently it's pretty easy ... unless Skype is involved. Thanks to Skype, a brand-new...
Happening Now October 28, 2014

Microsoft just revealed an amazing sci-fi feature for Skype

"Imagine in the very near future technology allowing humans to bridge geographic and language boundaries to connect mind to mind and heart to heart...
Happening Now May 28, 2014

Skype offering group video calling for free

If you've never used it, you have to try Skype. And now, if you talk with groups, you can use Skype for free. Microsoft...
Happening Now April 28, 2014


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