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Find a better walking route with one of Google's coolest new features

Google Maps is the undisputed king of navigation apps, and Google just keeps innovating. Just this year, Maps has seen a number of improvements,...
Happening Now August 10, 2019

3 new Google Maps features, 1 will track your speeding

Google is continuing to develop their Maps app with a variety of useful features, and a recent update from the company is pushing several...
Happening Now June 10, 2019

Pinpoint Wi-Fi issues in your home or office

Have Wi-Fi coverage issues? If you've ever struggled to fix the Wi-Fi connection in your home, you need this freebie. It’s an innovative way...
Downloads February 12, 2019

Let Google Maps help you avoid Thanksgiving traffic

Traveling during the holidays can be a nightmare. Traffic jams, street closures and packed highways can make for a long trip to Grandma's house....
Happening Now November 21, 2018

Google Maps will let you report accidents, speed traps

GPS used to be a technology that was cumbersome and overly expensive. But with the rise of smartphones, GPS has become part of our...
Happening Now November 8, 2018

Researchers find Google collects more data than users think

Perhaps now more than ever we are paying attention to what tech companies know about us. Facebook's troubles opened the floodgates, so to speak,...
Happening Now August 22, 2018

You'll be blown away by this stunning map of the wind

You'll love this stunning map of the wind. It's both informative and relaxing.
Cool Sites August 20, 2018

Get most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information

If only we could control the weather, life would be much, much easier. Until then, we will have to settle for trying to predict...
Apps May 23, 2018

Minecraft players can get paid big money from Microsoft

Ever think you would live in a world where you could make money messing around with video games? Well, brace yourself, because you do....
Happening Now April 26, 2018

You'd love these Google products if you knew they existed

You use Google all day every day, whether it's Search, Maps, Chrome, or Gmail. But you're probably not using these 17 really cool, really...
Happening Now February 28, 2016
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