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Apple has a full slate of new gadgets this fall

For the last few years, fall has always been Apple's biggest season. Of course, this is the time when the new iPhones are announced...
Happening Now August 27, 2018

Laptops and a vacation emergency

It’s time for vacation, lounging around the pool and enjoying the weather. But it’s always time to be careful around your electronic devices. Technology...
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2-in-1 laptops are a hit at school

It's a rough time for teachers in this country. There's test after test, substandard pay, trouble with parents. In my home state of Arizona,...
Happening Now June 20, 2018

Creepy Google Chrome extension knows when you look away from your screen

You ever get the feeling that you are being watched, even when no one else is in the room? That's silly, right? Like, there's...
Happening Now May 29, 2018

8 useful Chromebook tricks you aren't using but should

If you’re a Chromebook fan, then you know the lightweight laptops that run Google’s Chrome OS are a bit different than a regular Windows...
Tips April 5, 2018

Man sues Microsoft for $600M after a forced Windows upgrade destroyed his PC

We rarely think twice when our computer asks us to update it, because really, who are we to argue with it? When the little...
Happening Now February 24, 2018

Two fierce tech competitors are getting together to build amazing laptops

Do you wish your laptop was faster and more powerful and didn't weigh a ton? Seems you have to sacrifice one for the other....
Happening Now November 11, 2017

Laptop ban on flights set to expand! Read this before you fly

Traveling this summer? Before you pack your bags, you need to read this! You might not be able to take your laptop on the...
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This USB stick could destroy your PC

The next time someone offers to share their USB drive, watch out. A new drive, which can be easily ordered online, is now being...
Happening Now September 17, 2016

10 great laptops for less than $500 - save up to $800!

Save up to 63% off laptops. But hurry! Supplies won't last on these 10 high-quality, high-performance computers.
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