Other stories about Israel

Guess which country is the 'third most aggressive' when it comes to spying on us

You'll never guess which country is spying on the U.S. more than almost any other.
Happening Now March 27, 2015

Israel tapped the U.S. Secretary of State's phone

Israeli intelligence listened in on the U.S. Secretary of State's phone calls during peace negotiations last year.
Happening Now August 4, 2014

Anonymous takes down Mossad in massive cyberwar against Israel

Anonymous shuts down websites for Israeli government and military during current conflict in Gaza.
Happening Now August 4, 2014

You have to see what one brilliant Israeli soldier did to protect his unit

The recent fighting of Israel and Hamas over the Gaza strip has left hundreds of casualties, many of them children, dead or scarred or...
Happening Now July 31, 2014

Hackers attack Israel! Is the 'Iron Dome' safe?

A familiar hacking group has attacked Israeli defense contractors and put the 'Iron Dome' in jeopardy.
Happening Now July 28, 2014

Hamas launches its first armed drone over Israel

A Palestinian drone was launched and flown into Israeli airspace Monday, but it didn't stay there for long. "It was shot to smithereens," said...
Happening Now July 15, 2014

That ridiculous Yo app is now saving Israelis from rocket fire

What started out as a ridiculous concept has turned into something extremely useful in Israel. The country is engulfed in conflict, facing dozens of...
Happening Now July 9, 2014