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Major Intel security flaw puts PCs at risk - exposing passwords, conversations and more

When a security flaw is found in hardware rather than software, the threat becomes exponentially more dangerous. That's exactly what security researchers are facing...
Happening Now August 7, 2019

Massive Intel security flaw leaves millions of PCs open to attack, update yours now!

When a flaw is discovered in a computer component, every single product with that part is now a major security risk. A recent flaw...
Happening Now May 15, 2019

Protect yourself - Another critical flaw found in Intel chips

Security researchers have discovered another flaw in Intel chips and like Spectre, this one can allow attackers to read and steal sensitive information.
Happening Now August 18, 2018

World's fastest supercomputer is right here in the USA

And just like that, the United States is back on top. We're not talking about medals in the most recent Olympic Games, though the...
Happening Now June 12, 2018

Lenovo offers a sneak peek at the new dual screen Yoga Book

When it comes to technology, much of the fun revolves around seeing what companies will come up with next. Often times new things are...
Happening Now June 5, 2018

TIME creates stunning magazine cover using almost 1,000 drones

TIME magazine is known for having some amazing covers. Be it portraits, paintings, photos of people, animals, scenes and events -- they have all...
Happening Now June 2, 2018

Intel releases important security patches for Core processors

Last month, Intel released its patches to protect users from the Spectre chip flaw. But the patches were so buggy that the company urged...
Happening Now February 23, 2018

Warning! Hackers will try to exploit Spectre and Meltdown chip bugs

Have you been paying attention to the recently discovered flaws in computer chips? I'm talking about the security issues dubbed Meltdown and Spectre. If...
Happening Now January 8, 2018

What you can do to protect yourself against the chip security flaws

Just about every computer in the world has been affected by two massive computer chip security flaws. Both software and hardware vendors are now...
Happening Now January 7, 2018

You will be affected by this massive mistake! A second critical chip flaw revealed, affecting billions of computers, smartphones and other devices

Not one but two critical computer chip flaws have been found that compromise pretty much every computer in the world, including smartphones. This will...
Happening Now January 4, 2018
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