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5 hacks the pros use time and time again

Everyday consumers have harnessed the internet, learned Microsoft Office and mastered the iPhone. Still, certain skills are reserved for pros. You wouldn’t necessarily think...
Columns March 25, 2018

5 digital tricks to help you through the holidays

December is a month of simple pleasures: evergreens in the living room, gingerbread in the oven, and carols on the stereo. What could be...
Columns November 25, 2017

Avoid these hard drives, they're likely to fail

Your hard drive stores all of your documents, photos, videos, etc., so just imagine what would happen if it suddenly crashed. If you're using...
Happening Now February 2, 2017

One thing you need to do before getting rid of an old gadget or computer

Is it time for you to get a new computer, tablet or smartphone? If so, you're probably going to sell or give away your...
Tips December 24, 2016

Find out if your hard drive is failing

Without your hard drive, you'd be in big trouble. Just think of everything you've stored on it over time. Unlike cars, there's no "check...
Downloads November 8, 2016

Find out how much longer your hard drive or SSD will last

When was the last time you checked out your hard drive? If you've had your computer for a while, it may be bogged down...
Tips November 7, 2016

Recover files from your computer

Losing data is the worst. But did you know you can recover lost or deleted data, from photos to files?
Downloads September 8, 2016

Don’t buy or sell this item on eBay

EBay is a great place to buy and sell unique items, but not everything you find there is a good deal. I’ll show you...
Happening Now July 3, 2016

If you own one of these defective hard drives, you could join this class action suit

We all know that hard drives can fail without warning, and do with depressing regularity. However, some drives tend to fail more often than...
Happening Now February 2, 2016

Health insurer's hard drives missing, almost a million people at risk

We're always telling you to protect your identity when you're online by using a strong Internet security program. However, sometimes, there's just nothing you...
Happening Now January 27, 2016

SSD prices are freefalling. Say goodbye to hard disk drives!

We've talked about solid-state drives for years and the advantages, and sometimes disadvantages, they have compared to conventional magnetic hard drives. If you want a...
Happening Now December 5, 2015

Your self-encrypting hard drive isn't nearly as secure as you thought

If you want to keep your information away from hackers and snoops, whether it's your Internet use, email, hard drive data or your backup,...
Happening Now October 21, 2015

A tuneup for your computer's hard drive

You know how your car tells you what's wrong with it? You're driving and suddenly a little flat-tire icon is flashing in front of...
Downloads September 11, 2015

Forget SSD. DNA would be the best hard drive ever

In the early days of computers, a hard drive with a few megabytes was an unimaginable amount of storage. Then we hit 100 megabytes,...
Happening Now August 23, 2015

Check out the world's new largest hard drive

Do you remember when a gigabyte seemed like infinite storage space? Those days are long gone. The smallest storage units are the size of...
Happening Now August 15, 2015

Are we living in the 'digital Dark Ages?'

Vint Cerf isn't just Google's Vice President, he's commonly recognized as one of the fathers of the Internet. Cerf was "instrumental" in building the...
Happening Now February 19, 2015

Humanity's hard drives could be full by 2020

While many scientists are worried about the exponentially increasing human population, there might be a potential disaster that's much closer than you'd think. The...
Happening Now December 24, 2014

The hard drive that James Bond would use

Ever ask yourself, "which Solid State Drive would James Bond use?" Of course you have. Now you have the answer! Or better yet, you...
Happening Now October 3, 2014

Deal of the Day: 100 bucks gets you 3 terabytes of hard drive storage

This Western Digital external hard drive will fit around 6,000 hours of video, and today it only costs $100.
Happening Now February 28, 2014


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