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Robocalls worse than ever and here’s how to stop it

We all get our share of robocalls at the most inopportune time. But robocalls aren't just annoying anymore, they can be downright malicious. In...
Happening Now January 3, 2018

New clever plan to stop robocalls is coming

Robocalls aren't just annoying anymore, they can be downright malicious. With scammers trying to rip us off or steal our identity, you need to...
Happening Now November 16, 2017

Beware! Shrewd scammers posing as the FTC

We've been warning you about tons of robocalls and scams lately. Sometimes you're better off just letting incoming calls go directly to voicemail. That's...
Happening Now October 26, 2017

Equifax Breach - These scams are spreading now

If you've had a credit report, and most likely you have, you've probably been impacted by the Equifax data breach. Social Security numbers, birth...
Happening Now September 20, 2017

The shocking truth about the Do Not Call Registry

Do you ever feel like changing your phone number because of all the spam phone calls you get? Your number may be on the...
Tips September 15, 2017

Did you fall for a tech support scam? This settlement means you could be owed cash

When you're fooled by most scams, you can usually wave goodbye to your money. But thanks to this lawsuit, victims of one particular tech...
Happening Now August 31, 2017

Junk call nightmare! Woman flooded by hundreds of strange phone calls

"I'm in the middle of a cellphone nightmare." That’s how this woman described the horrible situation she found herself in. What happened to her...
Happening Now August 29, 2017

New government tool to stop annoying robocalls

Robocalls aren't just annoying anymore, they can be downright malicious. With scammers trying to rip us off or steal our identity, you need to...
Tips August 26, 2017

This work at home opportunity is a huge scam

"Earn thousands of dollars working from home!" We've all heard that before. If you're one of millions of Americans looking for a job, you...
Happening Now August 21, 2017

Scammers targeting job hunters with new phishing attack

Looking for a job? Well, that makes you a prime target for this scam that's spreading fast. As more and more resumes are being...
Happening Now August 16, 2017

Beware! Government grant phone scam targeting students

Back to School time is hectic enough without the headaches caused by scams. That's why, if you have kids that are headed to college,...
Happening Now August 6, 2017

Don't fill out that loan application! Your data could be at risk

For most of us, loan applications are just a part of life. But when you fill them out, you're trusting the lender is keeping...
Happening Now July 11, 2017

How to get a refund from Amazon for your kids' unauthorized purchases

Whether it's an accidental slip from Amazon Alexa or an accidental click online, there's nothing more shocking than finding a charge on your credit...
Happening Now May 31, 2017

Smart TVs tracking you without your permission

I warned that it was possible for your smart TV to track you. But now, one major smart TV manufacturer has admitted to the...
Happening Now February 8, 2017

FTC's urgent warning: Hackers can guess your password in seconds

The FTC has an urgent new warning. Hackers can guess your passwords in seconds if you do this one thing (and most of us...
Happening Now March 7, 2016

That brain-training app was forced to pay $2 million in FTC settlement

If you've played Luminosity's Brain Games & Brain Training, you need to know that you may have been duped into subscribing to it. It's...
Happening Now January 6, 2016

Predators want your Google searches

You know those harassing phone calls you get from companies soliciting your business, like payday loan companies that promise quick money? If you've ever...
Happening Now November 4, 2015

One wireless provider could owe you money for misleading data plans

The FTC is fining the largest prepaid mobile provider for throttling data speeds.
Happening Now January 30, 2015

Danger on the Web: The 'safe' certifications that may not be

One popular web privacy certification isn't so trustworthy after all, according to the FTC.
Happening Now November 18, 2014

FTC sues AT&T for alleged customer rip-off

AT&T customers, have you noticed that your Internet speeds get really slow near the end of your billing cycle? It's not just you. In...
Happening Now October 29, 2014
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