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Grab millions of free eBooks for your summer reading

Printed books will never disappear completely, but it's hard to find more convenience than a digital book. You can download as many as you...
Cool Sites May 19, 2019

5 ways to get Kim's eBooks about smart homes, making money, using Amazon Echo and more

In addition to being a national radio host, USA Today columnist, Fox News contributor and guru to the masses, Kim Komando is a best-selling...
Tips April 13, 2019

Thousands of free books for your eReader, tablet, phone or computer

There's never been a better time for those who love to read. In a matter of minutes, you can download hundreds or even thousands...
Downloads February 27, 2019

Kim's Take: Authors are making big bucks selling romance eBooks on Amazon

In a hurry? Tap or click to listen to this story in less than a minute! It’s a genre that brings to mind images...
Columns February 14, 2019

Save big money on eReaders, computers and more when you shop with Rakuten

Sometimes there are hidden places online that help us get incredible deals. You might not have heard of Rakuten before, but it's exactly one...
Happening Now February 10, 2019

Find discounted and free e-books

One of the coolest changes brought by technology is the e-book. The days of lugging that bulky book around are essentially over. We now...
Cool Sites November 27, 2018

Grab free books on photography, music, video production and drawing from Apple

If you haven't heard of an ebook, you should probably start learning about them. These valuable tools can help you learn and become better...
Downloads October 24, 2018

Microsoft is giving away eBooks - get yours now

Everybody loves a great bargain. And you can't get a much better bargain than Microsoft offering FREE ebooks via Microsoft Virtual Academy. Take advantage...
Downloads October 11, 2018

Publish your own eBook and make money

Need some extra money and have a story to tell? I'll tell you how to publish and sell your own eBook.
Tips September 11, 2018

Borrow free audiobooks using your phone

It’s no surprise then that libraries, fantastic resources for many things but especially for books and reading, have had audiobooks in their collections for...
Apps August 28, 2018
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