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Is the Chinese government spying on you?

Surveillance cameras seem to be everywhere these days. People use them to protect their homes. Police departments across the U.S. use them to spot...
Happening Now November 24, 2017

Frightening! The chances of a Boeing 757 being remotely hacked

There’s been concern about hackers gaining control of the computer system in self-driving vehicles, but what are the chances of hacking the computer on...
Happening Now November 14, 2017

DHS warns of Hurricane Harvey-related cyberattacks

Hurricane Harvey has been creating havoc for almost a week now. There have been numerous deaths related to the hurricane and tons of property...
Happening Now August 31, 2017

New security flaw leaves door wide open for another global ransomware attack

Microsoft may have patched the flaw that led to the worldwide ransomware attack recently, but another massive security gap has just been discovered. More...
Happening Now May 27, 2017

Top Story: Border guards force U.S. citizen to unlock phone

Don't leave the country without reading this first. Recent law changes are causing trouble at the border. One man was forced to hand over...
Happening Now February 15, 2017

The most shocking election result is not what you think

After a long and grueling night, the results of the 2016 presidential election are finally in. But as media outlets turn their attention to...
Happening Now November 9, 2016

You must delete this one program from your computer right now

Windows alert: The Department of Homeland Security and Apple want you to immediately delete this popular video player. Find out what changed and why...
Happening Now April 15, 2016

Top Story: Alarming new warning about ransomware (here's what you need to know)

Ransomware is the latest buzzword when it comes to your online security. But, are you worried about it? You should be. The U.S. government...
Happening Now April 4, 2016

Hackers leak DHS and FBI staff directories, DOJ may be next

Hackers have published contact information for 31,000-plus FBI and Department of Homeland Security employees. Politically motivated hackers say they'll release Department of Justice employees'...
Happening Now February 9, 2016

IRS tracks your phone with StingRays

If you thought the IRS had a bad reputation before, it's about to get worse. There is mounting evidence that the Internal Revenue Service...
Happening Now December 5, 2015

DHS offers free cybersecurity test

With hackers growing more sophisticated by the day and data breaches the new normal, more companies are taking security seriously. That's a good thing,...
Happening Now December 3, 2015

Our water and power is wide-open to cyberattack

Cybersecurity professionals believe that the hack on Sony Pictures might be the harbinger of a wave of cyberterrorism like we've never seen before. Worst...
Happening Now January 2, 2015

Revealed: Surprising reason why employees stoop to sabotage

While well-paid employees aren't statistically much of a security risk, underpaid workers can mean danger to a company's computer systems and beyond.
Happening Now October 10, 2014

DHS under cyberattack! Background check data stolen

The DHS is the latest government victim of data theft by hackers.
Happening Now August 7, 2014

Secret Service software can spot sarcasm on social media

It seems like the government could use all the help it can get these days. But maybe it's reaching a little too far with this next...
Happening Now June 6, 2014


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