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Echo Show, Facebook Portal, and Nest Hub privacy gotchas and fixes only the pros know

Even after some high profile data controversies, smart home devices remain hot sellers. The good news is it’s possible to optimize them for privacy...
Tips August 31, 2019

Use routines to make your smart assistant even smarter

If you have a smart assistant in your home, you know just how handy they can be. With the correct voice commands and connected...
Tips August 27, 2019

Alexa, stop following me! Amazon's got big plans for the future of home tech

Amazon Prime Day 2019: How to get the best deals on the latest tech (July 15-16)
Happening Now July 12, 2019

Listen up! Google's smart assistant also hears your private conversations

Not everyone knows "how the sausage is made" in respect to complex voice technology. A large database must be maintained for the robot's vocabulary,...
Happening Now July 12, 2019

7 Alexa skills you’ll use time and time again

Every few months, I take a hard look at Amazon Echo and catch up on the latest skills. If you’re not familiar with skills,...
Columns July 6, 2019

15 new Alexa skills you're going to love

One of the most useful aspects of Alexa has been her ability to expand her functionality with "skills." Much like the apps on your...
Happening Now July 2, 2019

Amazon's all-new Echo Dot Kids Edition followed by all-new privacy lawsuits

On the heels of a brand-new Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition, two class-action lawsuits have been filed saying that children are being illegally recorded...
Happening Now June 14, 2019

Comcast's new device could monitor your bathroom habits

A major telecom is set to release a new device for your home that tracks a few health vitals, including how often you go...
Happening Now May 24, 2019

Can Alexa owners trust this new security feature?

A new feature Amazon first announced last September is now rolling out to people who own its Echo smart speakers. Alexa wants to guard...
Happening Now May 14, 2019

9 hot Alexa skills that you're going to love

Amazon's Alexa can perform “skills” to help make your life easier. Amazon and its partners have developed tons of skills, and they run the...
Tips May 7, 2019
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