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With Facebook, privacy is a thing of the past. Can MeWe change that?

Mark Zuckerberg’s philosophy on privacy is reflected in Facebook’s long history of questionable practices. And whistleblower and former employee Frances Haugen revealed that Facebook leaders know the platform spreads violence, hatred and misinformation. Tap or click here for the full story — as well as how you can say goodbye for good.

Most recently, we learned that Facebook circumvents user permissions on iPhone. Even if you turn off location permissions, Facebook can access your phone’s accelerometer, according to Forbes. This is a built-in tool that keeps track of the way you tilt your iPhone.

Your accelerometer is made up of motion sensors that analyze your vibrations and movements. It’s helpful when you’re using compass apps and even sleep apps. It’s also beneficial for tech companies that want to harvest your data.

Even worse, there’s no way to stop this invasive tracking

You can only stop it by deleting the offending apps.

Despite Zuckerberg’s disregard for privacy, other tech leaders see a better way. Take MeWe founder Mark Weinstein, for example. He’s a direct competitor with Zuckerberg, so he knows Facebook’s tricks pretty well.

I spoke with him in my free podcast, Kim Komando Explains. He says we need a revolution to reclaim our privacy. But why is that? How did things get so bad, and what would a revolution look like?

You’ll find out all that and more in this episode

I spoke with Mark about how your favorite apps track, monitor and spy on you. We talk about the most significant privacy concerns with social networking services. You’ll learn essential social media safety tips for teens, kids, parents and more.

Everyone needs to prioritize their safety online — since social media apps won’t do the heavy lifting for you. After this episode, you’ll know all about surveillance capitalism. Mark and I will share the best tips and tricks to stay private online. Don’t miss out on these defense strategies.

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