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How to unlock international Netflix to access more movies and shows

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Presented by ExpressVPN

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If you’re a big streamer who craves new content, you may cast your eyes towards foreign content. Unfortunately, streaming platforms like Netflix don’t show the same shows and movies in every country. Thanks to the complex spiderweb of global licenses, you can’t stream whatever you want on Netflix. There are a ton of limitations getting in the way.

To make a long story short, companies like Netflix need to jump through hoops to get the right to stream certain movies and shows. Often, another company will beat Netflix to the punch and buy the exclusive right to stream a show in a specific country. This means you can fall in love with a new show while you’re vacationing abroad, only to see it’s gone from your Netflix account once you return home.

Distribution deals shuffle shows around like a pack of cards. It can be hard to keep track of where everything is streaming, which is why helpful websites compile them all in a database. Tap or click here for a few handy sites that can help you find the streaming shows you’re looking for.

Or you can use this tech hack to stream whatever you want on Netflix

Good news:  There’s an easy way to curtail streaming restraints. When an old favorite you saw on Netflix disappears, try streaming from another country.

No, you don’t have to pack your bags up and leave. Just trick your computer into thinking it’s in another country. You can do this with a VPN, or virtual private network.

As you can imagine, the Netflix team gets a sour taste in their mouths when they think of VPNs. Thus, if Netflix detects a VPN IP address, it will throw up a streaming error code like this:

To add insult to injury, Netflix will temporarily block you from its services. To be fair, it isn’t alone in this. Other streaming services ban VPNs. Tap or click here for our handy streaming comparison guide.

But as the old saying goes, “It’s only a crime if you get caught.” Thus, you need a cutting-edge VPN that can skirt around Netflix’s detection feature. (Not that using a VPN is a crime, but you get the gist.)

ExpressVPN is the best option for Netflix streaming

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Oh, and streaming isn’t the only realm in which a VPN can help you. Big Tech corporations are supposed to safely handle our personal online data, but now they’re getting into the political game.

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