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4 essential ways to keep hackers out of your smart home security cameras

Setting up smart security cameras in your home can be a boon for keeping your family and belongings safe, but doing so can also open up a whole new can of worms.

As frustrating as it may be, utilizing a security camera in your home could allow easy access for hackers to spy on you. Ironically, the equipment you use to keep your family safe can be misused this way, but that’s the world we live in. Tap or click to see how hackers can hijack your smart home with lasers.

Don’t let hackers ruin your experience with home surveillance systems. There are ways to keep them out, starting with strong passwords.

1. Lock down your cameras

Whether you’re setting up your camera for the first time or you’re changing your password to make it more secure, be sure to stay away from simplistic words or phrases.

Using your name and birth year isn’t recommended. Neither is using your pet’s name, the street you grew up on, or anything hackers might be able to guess or find in a data breach. If you need help, tap or click here to see how you can avoid common mistakes people often make with passwords.

Once you’ve created a good password, be sure you’re not reusing it across various other websites and apps. If you reuse the same login information, hackers only need to breach one site and they’ll have access to all of your accounts.

If offered, always set up two-factor authentication. If you think you’re safe because your system is popular, think again. Ring experienced a huge breach, resulting in thousands of leaked passwords. Tap or click here to see what happened in the Ring breach.

Perhaps due to the breach, Ring announced it is making 2FA mandatory. Tap or click to see what Ring has to say about it. But Ring isn’t the only one making the change. Google announced 2FA would be available for Nest accounts. Tap or click here for a crash course in 2FA.

The decision to include more security could be because a simple glitch is enough to compromise accounts. Tap or click here to see how a Google Photos glitch led to strangers accessing each other’s private photos.

2. Adjust important settings

It doesn’t have to be difficult to keep hackers and bad actors out of your home security setup. One of the most important things you need to remember is to change the settings on your router and your Ring, Google Nest or other cameras watching your home.

Breaches are so prevalent, it’s important to establish good security habits. Change your passwords regularly on your cameras and router, but go beyond this simple security method.

If you own a Ring doorbell system, make sure you’re adjusting the setting for optimal security. Tap or click here for instructions.

For router safety settings, you’ll need to check your router’s admin page, set the right encryption, possibly add an additional network and more. If it sounds overwhelming, don’t be discouraged! Tap or click here for simple instructions.

3. Check your firmware

It can be tough to remember to update everything in your home, but if you want to take your security seriously, you need to ensure your cameras are up to date and loaded with the latest firmware. This is as easy as connecting to the internet, letting your cameras check for updates and agreeing to the install.

Try checking for updates at least once every three weeks. Mark your calendar, ask your smart assistant to set reminders, leave notes on the fridge. No matter how you remind yourself, make sure to follow through when the time comes.

4. Buy brands you trust

There are plenty of cameras on the market, but many don’t carry the mark of quality or trustworthiness you can typically expect from the more reputable companies.

Don’t buy from brands you don’t recognize. Try the brand Kim trusts and uses, SimpliSafe. Protect your home with SimpliSafe. Visit today for a special offer just for you!

And don’t forget to read online reviews of the products you plan on buying and do your research. Tap or click here to see what red flags to look for so you can tell which reviews are real and which aren’t.

Now that you’ve taken important steps to secure your security cameras, you can rest easy. It may even be time to continue to improve your home with additional smart home tech. Not sure where to begin? Tap or click here to see which devices to start with.

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