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Want to learn more about this digital life we’re all immersed in? Grab this podcast as Kim Komando explores topics that impact us each and every day. From scammers to hackers and social media to product reviews, Kim finds top experts to give us their side of the story or explain what Big Tech is doing now. Kim pulls back the curtain so you know what’s really going on.

Latest episodes

Tech Refresh: Missing stimulus checks, delete these apps, bad tech habits

January 22, 2021
In this episode, the steps you can take if your stimulus money hasn’t arrived, Android apps spamming phones with ads, and a dangerous charger recall. Then, see if Ben can defeat Mike and Allie in Brand New or Not True. And a deep dive into the bad tech habits the team is trying to break in 2021.

Photos clogging up your phone? How to organize your pictures in a snap

January 19, 2021
 In the age of smartphone cameras, it’s easy to amass a mountain of pictures. But how much do you really need them? And how do you organize thousands of pictures? In this episode, Kim and Mike give you all the secrets to conquer your smartphone’s photo albums. You’ll also learn the surprising ways AI can sort your pictures for you!

Tech Refresh: Parler banned, CES favorites, browser bug

January 15, 2021
Allie, Ben and Mike dive into the tech news of the week, including the timeline behind the Parler ban, their favorite tech of CES 2021 and a major bug impacting Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Plus, Brand New or Not True, getting your photos off Facebook and the scam of the week.

SEO secrets: How to get more web traffic, more leads and more revenue

January 12, 2021
There are few words that strike fear into the hearts of digital professionals quite like the term SEO. It stands for “search engine optimization,” and it’s the secret that stands between you and website traffic. In this episode, Kim sits down with SEO expert Steve Wiideman. He’s worked with tons of brands — think Applebee’s, IHOP and Skechers. He knows how to launch a brand online, and he’s got the insider secrets to help you transform your website into a traffic magnet.

Tech Refresh: PayPal scam, COVID conspiracy theory, Alexa tips

January 8, 2021
Ben, Allie and Mike dive into the new year in tech news, including a COVID conspiracy theory too ridiculous not to share, price hikes coming to cable and internet bills, and a highly-convincing PayPal scam. Plus, tips for your new Amazon Echo and the scam of the week courtesy of the FBI. Find out if Ben can fool Allie and Mike in Brand New or Not True.

Tracking down Dark Web criminals

January 5, 2021
Go past the websites you visit every day, into the depths of the Dark Web. You’ll find marketplaces selling ransomware, kits to start your own phishing campaign and even hackers for hire. In this episode, Kim is joined by top cybersecurity pro John Hammond of Huntress. Find out how he tracks down Dark Web criminals and the real-life consequences.

Mostly Harmless: The internet mystery of a dead man, solved

January 1, 2021
Two years ago, hikers found a dead man in a tent. A year before that, he had left his tech job, with no phone or identification, to find peace on the Appalachian Trail. We told you the story late last year. In this Best Of episode, Kim dives into the mystery that captivated the internet, with a brand new update on what happened to the man who called himself “Mostly Harmless.”

Hollywood magic meets AI: Robot stars, AI scripts and high-tech SFX

December 29, 2020
Can robots write movie scripts? Actually, they already are. But how widespread is the use of AI in movie-making? In this episode, Kim breaks open some Hollywood secrets. Sit down with two digital movie professionals who use artificial intelligence every day. In this episode, you’ll learn all about the starring role AI programs play in your favorite films. It goes a lot deeper than you realize.

Hacked accounts and stolen data: What to do when your info is leaked

December 25, 2020
Get an inside look into Have I Been Pwned? — one of the best tools at your disposal when it comes to protecting yourself online. It’s the world’s largest database of stolen login information. In this Best Of episode, Kim talks to the man behind it, Troy Hunt, to give you a step-by-step guide on what you can do if your info has been compromised. Don’t miss this deep dive into online security, no IT degree required.
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