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Ditch Google, get low hotel rates, stop Alexa snooping

May 24, 2022
Homeland Security put the disinformation board on pause — here's why. Plus, Netflix is bleeding, crypto stars are silent and smart shopping carts are coming to a store near you. I'll also tell you how to ditch Google and make sure Alexa isn’t keeping your recordings. Plus, four insider secrets to getting the lowest hotel room rate.

Get free tech, clone your dog, creepy Alexa news

May 23, 2022
Now, Zoom can track your emotional state. Plus, shocking new research about Amazon Echos will creep you out. In this episode, you'll learn about smart tech for camping tricks, Buy Nothing groups that hand out tech for free and a secret app you'll use all the time. Oh, and here's how to clone your pet.

Self-driving e-bikes, crypto crash, UFOs

May 20, 2022
Cryptocurrency crashed. Here's where we are and what's next. Plus, a safer way to fill in forms online and an app that lets you see all the grocery store deals in your area. Oh, and the Pentagon reveals UFO sightings and Harley-Davidson's e-bike now has Google Cloud services.

Get a brain chip, biometric airports, Wi-Fi 7 news

May 19, 2022
Want to become an astronaut? Enroll in the brand-new Star Harbor. Plus, Wi-Fi 7 is around the corner — here's what to expect. Biometrics could end airport security hassle and the Neuralink brain implant just began human trials. Plus, here's a fast way to delete accounts no longer in use.

Get free internet, Google updates, speed up your internet

May 18, 2022
Are your pages loading slower than molasses in January? Here are 10 ways to speed up your internet. Plus, Facebook listens to your conversations and Harley-Davidson came out with a new electric motorcycle. Also, low-income households could get free internet and Google came out with a ton of exciting updates. Here's all you need to know.

Traffic trick, YouTube shortcuts, golden privacy tip

May 17, 2022
Want to erase yourself from the internet? Here’s how. I'll also tell you how to predict traffic conditions months in advance. You'll learn about some YouTube keyboard shortcuts you’ll always use and Netflix changes that may come later this year. Also, a piece of history died in a ransomware attack. Here's what you need to know.

Smart guns, emoji sex secrets, AirTag car thieves

May 16, 2022
Stop sharing your phone number — it could put you in danger. Get a second number with this free trick. I'll also tell you how to get disposable email addresses in a second. Plus, thieves are using AirTags to steal cars, smart handguns are coming and ransomware closed an entire college forever. Also, is crypto dying? Here's my take.

Crypto chaos, photo tip, Windows and Mac tricks

May 13, 2022
Capturing movement with your smartphone’s camera is tough. Here’s an insider trick the pros use to get the best action pics. Plus, Matt has all the details on a free game you can play on your browser. (Hint: It involves YouTube.) Also, cryptocurrency and NFT investors are having a rough time. Here's why.

Laptops for your face, smart screws, spot PC snoops

May 12, 2022
Has someone been snooping on your PC? Here's how to see what they were doing. Plus, special glasses that can help deaf people and smart screws that know when they're loose. Oh, and these luxury apartments in New York can monitor your health. I'll also tell you about a new VR headset that will be "a laptop for your face."
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