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In 60 seconds, you’ll know the most burning tech issue of the day or perhaps a new tech trick for your digital life. Short and to the point, this podcast keeps you informed without any fanfare. Give Kim Komando one minute of your day and you’ll gain a ton of tech know-how you can use to sound smart with your family and friends.

Latest episodes

The future of electric vehicles through the year 2050

March 27, 2023

Feel pressure to buy an EV? Here's why you don't need to just yet, in one minute.

Why your brand new password is weaker than ever

March 26, 2023

Changing an out-of-date password? In one minute, I'll explain why your new one might end up weaker.

A gentle reminder for internet influencers

March 26, 2023

Pushing a product online? In just one minute, discover why disclosing if you're being paid is a must.

3 free police scanner apps

March 25, 2023

Want to stay up-to-date what's going down in your neighborhood? I have the best police scanner apps for your phone, in one minute. 

Chat AI legal showdown coming

March 25, 2023

Consider this - everything that ChatGPT knows comes from the work of others. Here's why that's a big deal, in 60 seconds. 

5 signs a hidden GPS tracker on your car

March 24, 2023

Are you hearing strange sounds from your car's wheel well? In just 60 seconds, I'll reveal the telltale signs of a hidden tracker in your vehicle.

Why yesterday's TikTok hearing was a disservice to all Americans

March 24, 2023

Is TikTok solely responsible for sending your data back to China? Get the answer in this one-minute podcast. 

Get paid for online jury duty

March 23, 2023

Do you get a thrill when you get a jury summons in the mail? I have a great side hustle for you in this one-minute podcast. 

Never say "hello"

March 23, 2023

Getting a call from an unknown caller? In just 60 seconds, I'll tell you why you should never greet them.

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