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In 60 seconds, you’ll know the most burning tech issue of the day or perhaps a new tech trick for your digital life. Short and to the point, this podcast keeps you informed without any fanfare. Give Kim Komando one minute of your day and you’ll gain a ton of tech know-how you can use to sound smart with your family and friends.

Latest episodes

10% check phones after sex and other smartphone stats

November 27, 2021
How addicted are you to your phone? Listen now for some surprising confessions from Americans like you.

Digital Life Hack: The secret about fast chargers no one wants you to know

November 26, 2021
Can the right port connecter help you use any charger with your smartphone or tablet? Listen now to find out.

Best Black Friday laptop deals

November 26, 2021
Wondering where you can find good deals amidst the shortages? Listen now to get a head start.

Digital Life Hack: New ways to make sure that your email address doesn’t get on a spammer’s list

November 25, 2021
Want to keep your email address far away from a spammer's list? Listen now for a few tips to protect yourself.

Thanksgiving tech wishes

November 25, 2021
Are you ready for the most hectic Black Friday in history? Listen now for my top tips.

Tips to capture authentic moments this Thanksgiving Day

November 24, 2021
This Thanksgiving Day, armed with your smartphone’s camera, I challenge you to take fabulous photos you’ve never taken before. Listen now for a few tips to get the perfect shot.

Best deals on streaming devices

November 24, 2021
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and holiday shopping goes full throttle. And even though we’re dealing with product shortages, there are still some deals. Listen now for the best ones.

New Google Maps feature that you'll def want to use

November 23, 2021
A brand new feature of Google Maps is that you can use it as a trip itinerary, plotting out the best routes to take along with great landmarks, cafes and shops to see along the way. Listen now for steps to try it out.

Jennifer Lawrence's nudes leaked online

November 23, 2021
Jennifer Lawrence says she will never get over the fact that her nude photos were leaked online. Listen now for my take on the real teachable moment here.
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