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In 60 seconds, you’ll know the most burning tech issue of the day or perhaps a new tech trick for your digital life. Short and to the point, this podcast keeps you informed without any fanfare. Give Kim Komando one minute of your day and you’ll gain a ton of tech know-how you can use to sound smart with your family and friends.

Latest episodes

Trick to find spyware running on your PC or Mac

August 16, 2022
Did you know spyware programs leave digital clues? Here's what you look for, in 60 seconds.

Watch, cancel and go is a huge problem

August 16, 2022
What type of streamer are you? Depending on your answer, you could be Netflix's biggest nightmare. Listen to this one-minute podcast to find out if your watch habits keep media executives up at night.

Close browser tabs the easy way

August 15, 2022
Is your phone's browser a complete mess? Listen to this one-minute podcast for a speedy solution.

Facebook's new embarrassing chatbot

August 15, 2022
Did you know Meta just made one of its chatbots public? Here's why it's a humiliating failure, in 60 seconds.

Get unbiased ratings on your profile pics

August 14, 2022
Ever wondered what your profile photo really says about you? Listen to this one-minute podcast to get honest, anonymous feedback.

$1,000 LinkedIn headshots

August 14, 2022
Looking for a new job? You might want to update your LinkedIn profile image. Here's why, in 60 seconds.

Research: When are kids hurt most by social media?

August 13, 2022
You probably know that social media can hurt your mental health. But did you know some age groups are more at risk? Listen to this one-minute episode for a quick breakdown of the research.

Pay with your palm

August 13, 2022
Would you ever pay for something by scanning the palm of your hand? Amazon's working on that tech now. Here's how it works, in 60 seconds.

Stop Google from tracking you

August 12, 2022
Do you feel like Google always knows just what you want? It's not in your head. It's because Google tracks everything. Listen to this one-minute podcast to take back your privacy.
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