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In 60 seconds, you’ll know the most burning tech issue of the day or perhaps a new tech trick for your digital life. Short and to the point, this podcast keeps you informed without any fanfare. Give Kim Komando one minute of your day and you’ll gain a ton of tech know-how you can use to sound smart with your family and friends.

Latest episodes

1 in 4 EV charging stations don't work

May 22, 2022
Why is it so hard to charge an electric car? Here's the full story, in 60 seconds.

How to recover deleted files

May 21, 2022
Have you ever deleted a file on accident? Listen to this one-minute podcast for an easy way to recover it from the digital graveyard.

The iPod is dead

May 21, 2022
Did you know the iPod era finally ended? Here's how this invention changed the tech world forever, in 60 seconds.

Cool ways to use your router's USB ports

May 20, 2022
Ever look at the back of your router and wonder what the USB port is good for? Listen to this one-minute podcast for a few tech tips that will change your digital life.

Social media needs to be held accountable

May 20, 2022
Does social media share the blame for last weekend's mass shooting in Buffalo? The governor of New York thinks so. Here are the facts, in 60 seconds.

How to get the cheapest airfare

May 19, 2022
Planning a vacation? Here's your plan for getting the cheapest airfare, in 60 seconds.

Disinformation Governance Board

May 19, 2022
Good news: The White House put its Orwellian attempts to control the internet on hold. Here's the full story, in 60 seconds.

How to find every Wi-Fi network password

May 18, 2022
Want to go back in time? Listen to this one-minute podcast to see every wireless network you’ve ever connected to ... along with the network’s password.

Will Musk buy Twitter or not?

May 18, 2022
What's stopping Elon Musk from sealing the deal? Here's how he exposed Twitter's dirty little secret, in 60 seconds.
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