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How do you listen to The Kim Komando Show?

As a fan, you know The Kim Komando Show provides you with the latest news from the technology world, introduces you to new products...
Happening Now August 22, 2019

Tomorrow's Tech Today: A flying motorcycle you have to see to believe

In "Tomorrow's Tech Today," Kim shows you upcoming and future technology you won't want to miss. We take a look at high-tech sheets that...
Happening Now August 21, 2019

Over-eager smart ovens are turning themselves on overnight

For the most part, smart kitchen gadgets and appliances have been a boon. But when they don't work the way they're supposed to it...
Happening Now August 16, 2019

Worried about the harmful effects of technology? This major watch company wants to help

A famous watchmaker has joined efforts to protect people from the ill effects of technology. The goal is to create products that block electromagnetic...
Happening Now August 14, 2019

Samsung reveals impressive new flagship phones at Unpacked event

The day has finally come, and Samsung has graced our screens -- big and small -- with the presence of their Samsung Unpacked 2019...
Happening Now August 8, 2019

Yes, now there are actual flamethrowers you can attach to drones

Drones are one of those inventions that people from 20 years ago would have never seen coming. Sure, many of us anticipated robots to...
Happening Now July 20, 2019

Alexa, stop following me! Amazon's got big plans for the future of home tech

Amazon Prime Day 2019: How to get the best deals on the latest tech (July 15-16)
Happening Now July 12, 2019

15 new Alexa skills you're going to love

One of the most useful aspects of Alexa has been her ability to expand her functionality with "skills." Much like the apps on your...
Happening Now July 2, 2019

Text claw and extra eyelids: Is this really how we'll look in the future?

We all know our reliance on modern tech can come with some negative side effects like eye strain and back pain. Now, one report...
Happening Now June 28, 2019

RoboCop reality: robots and drone patrols coming to your neighborhood

If you visit Huntington Park near Los Angeles, CA anytime soon, you might be surprised to see robots roaming the sidewalks! Police have revealed...
Happening Now June 23, 2019
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