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58% of workers fed up with their computers – Are you?

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Work laptops come with all sorts of problems. At first, you might be excited at the prospect of using tech you didn’t have to pay for. After all, many people can’t afford a laptop, so it can seem like a blessing in disguise.

Tap or click here for 10 legitimate organizations that will help you get a free laptop. But make no mistake: A work laptop is not a gift. It’s strictly a tool for work — and sometimes that tool is faulty.

Case in point: A new survey by OnePoll says over half of employed Americans say their work devices are awful. They’re dealing with technical issues that slow down productivity. Here’s what you need to know.

If you hate your work laptop, you’re in good company

Around three in five employers — or 58% — give employees work devices. It’s an excellent way to help employees who can’t afford their own devices.

It’s also a tool for workplace surveillance since bosses can see everything workers do on their laptops. Tap or click here to learn all about bossware, the corporate-friendly strain of spyware.

If you’re a business owner, think carefully about the laptops you buy your employees. Avoid deals that seem too good to be true — since they probably are. If you pick cheap laptops, you could frustrate your workers and slam a dent in their productivity.

At least, that’s what the workers seem to be saying. OnePoll’s survey of 2,000 employed Americans found the majority of remote workers hate their laptops. Reason number one: poor performance.

Work Tech
Image from OnePoll.

Get this: 62% of workers said their devices actually get in the way. The laptops their workplace handed out stop workers from maximizing productivity. Plus, almost three-quarters of employees said they would enjoy their jobs more if they worked on higher-quality tech devices.

Poor laptops are a huge issue for those with side gigs

Many people started up side gigs to monetize their free time. If you’re wondering why we’re pivoting from work devices to side gigs, here’s why. 83% of respondents said they use their work-issued gadgets for personal projects.

Work Tech
Image from OnePoll.

Of course, the technical frustration follows them into their side gigs: 15% said poor-quality tech slowed down their work.

Bottom line: Good tech makes all the difference. But it can be tough to find a laptop that matches your needs, especially since there are so many options to choose from. Luckily, we put together an easy quiz that matches you with your ideal laptop.

In just a minute, you’ll find your perfect laptop

Buying a new machine puts you under a lot of pressure. After all, you’re spending hundreds of dollars on a laptop you aren’t sure about.

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