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Ford’s self-driving repo man, Bing AI’s new personalities & discover your Facebook friend rejects

March 9, 2023

Plus, banned from Airbnb? It might not be your fault. If you're an EV owner, I share the best temp for your car's battery range. (Hint: it's warm.) If you print wirelessly, make sure you do a few things first for your security. And before you click "buy" on that Amazon product, here's the lowdown on whether their warranties are really worth it. 

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Meta's porn tool, track down scammer's location & a creepy kissing box

March 8, 2023

Plus, I've got a game-changing hacker tool that tracks down DJI drone operators to their exact location, new way for satellite emergency texts for non-Apple phones, and a shocker — what social media sites are tracking us and now charging for features that were once free. 

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