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Clone dead voices, LinkedIn crypto fraud, hacked jacuzzis

June 28, 2022
Want your dead grandmother to read you a story? If Amazon's new Alexa AI feature comes to life, you could clone dead voices. Plus, hackers are taking over jacuzzis, Anna Sorokin is selling NFTs and the FBI warns of crypto fraud on LinkedIn. Oh, and you won't believe how much money Big Tech companies make per minute.
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Air taxis, free money, link between phones and cancer

June 27, 2022
The Los Angeles Times said air taxis would soon fill the skies. Is this true, or just fake news? I've got the answer. Plus, Apple plans to end passwords forever and UC Berkeley finds a link between phone use and cancer. In this 30-minute podcast, I'll also tell you how to get free money from class-action lawsuits.
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